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15th Jul 2022
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Best restaurants in Kasauli - this quaint hill town happens to have some absolutely amazing cafes, Himalayan kitchens, and Pizzerias. What more could you ask from a weekend away, leisurely walks, treks, and ending them in excellent food!

The lower Mall road is sprawling with Himalayan and Tibetan food shacks. And yes, that means LOTS of momos. In fact, a lot of the shacks serve all vegetarian Tibetan and Asian fare. From legendary chaat shops to old-school cafes. Being just a short drive from both Delhi and Chandigarh, images of bun samosas and pizzas often grace one's Instagram feeds.

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Restaurants in Kasauli

You can re-live your summer vacations to (most probably) Mussourie with maggi, old school dhabas, cafes serving the OG pastries and coffee, and old-school softy corners. But alongside the old school, lives the new age just as beautifully. Wood brick oven pizzerias, cafes where you can work from and enjoy the view. Manki point obviously sees many monkeys, but there are plenty on mall road too. Do not eat around the monkeys, or you are most likely to get attacked.

There isn't much of a nightlife, besides the 1 bar in town that is open until the wee hours - Hangout Rooftop bar & restaurant inside Kasauli regency. Located just as Mall Road starts, it gives you good views from the balcony, but the place really comes alive at night!

Check out things do to in Kasauli - think many treks and picturesque spots.

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Day 2

Narender sweet house

This has to be one of the oldest eateries of Kasauli and has seen many celebrities. The quintessential sweet shop is most famous for its bun tikki and bun samosa. It is nostalgic, it is classic and it is the age-old fusion. Crispy samosa, smashed inside in basic burger bun, topped with tamarind chutney. Amazing!

Must have: Bun samosa

Old town coffee cafe

This is as old school as it gets, with a cafe in the front, and accommodation at the back. Old school pastries, coffee, truffle chocolates, and grub. It reminded me greatly of the famous Mussourie chocolate shop, Chick Chocolate - just a scaled-down version of it. The small balconies on the first floor, offer a gorgeous view of the Mall road.

Day 3

Mom's kitchen

Mountains without momos? NEVER! You have plenty of options to choose from in the lower Mall. Some are even all-vegetarian! Mom's Kitchen offers a wide variety of Asian dishes and a decent enough seating space as compared to other Chinese and Tibetan restaurants. Their chicken momos are quite different, with lots of fresh herbs, cilantro, spring onion, and garlic, the filling feels fresh, zingy, and flavorsome.

Must try: Chicken momos

Day 2

Cafe mitti

Located almost mid-way from the drive up from Dharampur, towards Kasauli - Cafe Mitti is a quaint, vegetarian cafe offering beautiful views of the city. Entering into this calm cafe, I was vaguely reminded of the McLeodganj favourite - Illiterati, which has now been replaced by another cafe. I suggest you start your day at Cafe Mitti, work from the cafe or just stop by for some breakfast!

Must try: Hand-beaten coffee

Dochi pizzeria

This pizzeria has made quite a lot of noise in the world of Instagram! And quite rightly, one of the best pizzas I have had recently. This red glasshouse is located about 30 minutes from main Kasauli, in a place called, well - Dochi! And despite the distance, you are sure to find a waiting, no matter what time you visit. Coming to the exemplary pizzas - Neapolitana pizzas, rich, flavourful sauce, banging meats, and generous cheese helping. This is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Kasauli - simply unmissable! Their cold coffee comes with edible straws and the lotus biscoff waffles are the perfect way to end your meal. The owners are friendly and will give you amazing suggestions.

Must try: Pepperoni pizza, lotus biscoff waffles

Day 1

Giani da dhaba

Road trips in the North must include dhabas, maggi and maybe, momos. This dhaba is located in Dharampur, just before you start your journey towards Kasauli. Their lemon chicken is rich, creamy and well, dreamy! Enjoy the simplicity of dal makhni and hot tandoori roti and you won't be disappointed.

Day 3

Cafe olio

Cafe Olio located in Dharampur is the perfect spot to grab lunch while you are driving down from Kasauli. This Italian cafe also offers lush, green views just like Cafe Mitti. The pizzas are thin crust, traditional and tossed in a wood brick oven. The Cafe is largely open, so is best suited when the weather is favourable. The coffee can be customized and the pasta can be avoided.

Must try: Pizzas