8 Best Cafes where you must Eat in Kasol - That Humble Post.....

1st Dec 2020
Photo of 8 Best Cafes where you must Eat in Kasol - That Humble Post..... by Umul Kadri

Kasol is a hippie town located in Himachal Pradesh. Best known for the young crowd and chill out and friendly vibes. Kasol is also called Mini Israel, owing to the number of Israeli nationals staying and visiting the place every now and then. The destination is multi-cultured and it reflects in the Food that you get in Kasol. So here is the list of Best Places and Cafes where you must eat in Kasol.

Also since i was doing Work From Mountains for over a month, you might want to know the take-aways from my real experience

8 Best Places - Cafes to Eat in Kasol for view and experience

River View Café - Sony Cottage in Kasol

A Relatively new Cafe in Kasol with a green and fancy light ambience. You will find the seatings pretty cosy with a mezwan dining as well as River View seating.

Food that you must try in this Cafe in Kasol: Israel Set Breakfast, American Breakfast, Continental Cuisine, and Italian Cuisine. The breakfast variety is to die for.

King Falafel - A Kosher Restaurant/Cafe opposite Nature park in Kasol

Photo of Soni Cottage, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Umul Kadri

A very famous cafe in Kasol with the best possible energy and a happy environment! The seating is again in Mezwan style and you will be welcomed and greeted by other fellow travelers.

You must try Falafel Laffa, Schnitzel Chicken, and Chocolate Ball at this very unique best places to eat in Kasol

Buddha Place : Manikaran road , Kasol

Photo of Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India by Umul Kadri

A perfect eatery with ample space as well as Parvati river flowing on one side and music playing inside. There are lights and a good crowd during the night in this cafe of kasol

You must try Paneer Makhani , Dal Makhani and Nutella Pancake in this Kasol cafe

Furthermore, Buddha Place is a must-visit for the great ambiance and the Parvati River View in kasol

Ninja Momo's and Shambu's corner in Kasol Market

Photo of Kasol Market Bridge, Manikaran Road, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Umul Kadri
Photo of Kasol Market Bridge, Manikaran Road, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Umul Kadri

Shambhu's corner is easy to locate - it always has a large crowd. Mainly keeps 2 varieties - veg and non veg (chicken). Veg plate of Rs 70 has 10 momos and they are mouth watering and filling.

You must also try the Veg Burger from Ninja Momos in Kasol. Moreover, the Burger is nicely filled with veggies and mayonnaise and the patty is just perfect

Do not miss out on Shambu's Corner for the delicious and lip-smacking Momo's

Panjtara Grills and Bars

Photo of Panjtara Bar & Grill, Kasol Road, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Umul Kadri

Panjtara Bar & Grill Cafe & Restaurant is for the masses. The ambiance is plush and posh. The dining and seating area is Instagram worthy. And so is every location in Kasol.

The hospitality is too good. When in Kasol, do not miss to visit Panjtara as it is rightly called for Music with Food place

Panjtara is very famous for its Bonfire at night as well as Live Music Bands played during weekdays and weekends. The food is good as well

Jim Morrison Café

It is in a hidden place near Sandhya hotel, you have to take right cut to the top hills.

You must try the Shakes and Hot Beverages. Burgers and pancakes are also a must-try. Also, you will find Good Indian Food here while in kasol

Another big factor is , Jim Morrison Café is famous for movie nights everyday at 8pm

EverGreen Cafe

Evergreen is in fact the first cafe cum restaurant that I visited in Kasol. And man, they did justice. You will find the best of the Service, the food, the ambiance, and music.

Photo of Evergreen Cafe, Manikaran Road, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Umul Kadri

Evergreen Cafe in Kasol is best known for being yourself and chill all day or get work done while sipping a kahwa.

You will find n number of cafes and some of them would be the best places in Kasol to eat or just for the ambiance.

If you are visiting Kasol for a week, then be sure to visit at least a few of these best places and cafes to eat and hang out in Kasol

Furthermore, The Best thing about Kasol is Hospitality and friendly culture. Moreover, it is safe for all. Even if you are traveling solo or in a group, you will find ample of Cafes to chill in and around Kasol

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