Barog – A weekend escape

Photo of Barog – A weekend escape 1/5 by Rabia Singla
Lovely roads
Photo of Barog – A weekend escape 2/5 by Rabia Singla
The famous Toy Train
Photo of Barog – A weekend escape 3/5 by Rabia Singla
Barog Railway Station
Photo of Barog – A weekend escape 4/5 by Rabia Singla
The station board and the restaurant above the platform.
Photo of Barog – A weekend escape 5/5 by Rabia Singla
amazing view of the Choor Chandni hills.
A place so close to nature and very welcoming people. Had an amazing experience!!!
Photos courtesy: The Moody People
Not sure where to go this weekend? Well, your fairy Godmother has sent us to answer that for you! Presenting "Barog- The Weekend Escape" If you’re longing for that lost-into location to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, then one day trip to the Barog Hills station will do that for you. Nestled in the Choor Chandni hills of Himalayas, Barog is a small hill station in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, India, at a height of 5,120 ft. How to get there? A 1 hour and 38 minutes drive on NH 22 from Chandigarh-The Beautiful City, will take you to this magical place. You will have to park your vehicle at some nearby tea stall on the highway and then get to the destination on foot down towards the Barog railway station, which is just 5-10 minute walk. The way downwards is also very exciting and adventurous. Distance and Routes From Chandigarh, India: 1 hour 50 minute, 65.1 km via Himalayan Expressway and NH 22 From Patiala, India: 2 hour 54 minutes, 118.4 km via NH 64 and NH 22 From Ludhiana, Punjab, India: 3 hour 30 minute, 173.5 km via NH 1 Food All types of refreshments are available in a small restaurant run by the Himachal government located just above the railway station. Pack your bags and rushhhhhhhh.....!