Barog- a perfect offbeat place

28th Dec 2019

Barog Station gave me Main Hoon Naa feels

Photo of Barog- a perfect offbeat place by A Nomad Trail

Enroute to Shimla, we came across a little cute railway station of Barog. It is a station which is just before Solan when you take a hill train from Kalka to Shimla but we went via road. 

Photo of Barog- a perfect offbeat place 1/1 by A Nomad Trail

Before visiting Shimla, i researched a lot about what places we will cover and was in continuous search of some offbeat places. That's how i came across this beautiful little place. Barog is 57 km from Chandigarh and 70 km from Shimla.

Photo of Barog, Himachal Pradesh, India by A Nomad Trail

We followed our Google maps and reached the spot and were surprised to see the station nowhere. There was a local grocery shop and 1-2 houses at the spot. We asked the shopkeeper about the station so he called a street dog and asked him to guide us to the station. That was a cute guide. He took us to the station hiking all along downhill. The station was around 2-3 km downhill, which could be only visible when you are near to it.

When we reached the spot, we were amazed to see that little station. A quiet calm yet beautiful offbeat location. Some of the shops serving hot cutlet, tea and all of it. That cutlets were so yummy. Then came a train and suddenly the quite place turned into a place of hustle bustle. When the train boarded off, again the station came back to the same old place- quite and calm.

Photo of Barog- a perfect offbeat place by A Nomad Trail


The Barog station lies on UNESCO World Heritage Site Kalka–Shimla Railway. The station is located at an altitude of 1,531 metres (5,023 ft) above mean sea level. It is painted blue in color which gives it a very cute look. 

Photo of Barog- a perfect offbeat place by A Nomad Trail

Barog Tunnel at 1144 meters is the longest tunnel on the route and appears just before the Barog Station. At a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, trains take about 2.5 minutes to cross the tunnel. It is the straightest tunnel in the world, which is associated with local tales and legends.

The Barog Tunnel is associated with several horror stories and considered to be the Hanuted Tunnel. The forlorn tunnel has been closed after the unexpected death of Colonel Barog, Chief Engineer H.S. Herlington was given the charge to bore a new tunnel.

Photo of Barog- a perfect offbeat place by A Nomad Trail

The station unreal, clean, uncrowded, totally hustle-free. The woodwork is brilliant blue with a forest backdrop. Small tracks intertwine in smooth curvature before disappearing in straight lines beyond the signalman’s cabin in a single track. All in all i got what i was looking for, an offbeat place to spend quality time with friends and nature.

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