Chitkul – The heaven on earth


I know the title of the blog might sound over – elaborated however when I mention heaven, this means – immense existence of Positivism, Purity, Nature & serenity of any place. People say, it’s better to see something rather than hearing about it from people. Yes, it does make sense. Till now, I had only heard & read about Chitkul. It was highly advertised because it’s a last inhabited village at Indo-Tibet border.

Photo of Chitkul – The heaven on earth 1/4 by Priti Raman Vishwakarma

It was there on the list from so long & finally I got a chance to visit Chitkul during my Spiti Valley roadtrip. It’s situated at the distance of 30 Km from Sangla Valley. When I entered in Sangla valley, I saw beautiful Baspa River nurturing this green valley. We were going up & up towards our destination - Chitkul, for a moment I felt like we’re going to catch the mountains. The top of the mountain was fabricated with the layer of fog. The Sound of Baspa River was extremely rejuvenating so we stopped in the middle of nowhere.

Photo of Chitkul – The heaven on earth 2/4 by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Photo of Chitkul – The heaven on earth 3/4 by Priti Raman Vishwakarma

When nature looks so magical, you just need to sit somewhere & enjoy the magical moment. We spent some time at the river clicking pictures, drinking cold water of the river, playing with the water & getting lost in our intellectual thoughts.

We were one hour away from the heaven. The more we were moving towards Chitkul, The more we were feeling blessed by the nature. From far, I saw one board & I knew it’s the same board which I had seen so far. Yes, the board which says “Hindustan Ka Aakhiri Dhaba”. When I got down from the vehicle, I felt like all the colors of the universe have come together to make one heaven. The heaven was our very own Chitkul. The positive energy, I exchanged with the fresh air of Chitkul was unusual. Every time the wind passed, it left a beautiful smile of gratitude on my face. The nature has reserved so many miraculous elements for us to appreciate in Chitkul. The Indo-Tibet border is another 3 Km away from the village. Take a drive towards the last check post at the Indo-Tibet border. In the meanwhile you can dream of going to Tibet from Chitkul.

Photo of Chitkul – The heaven on earth 4/4 by Priti Raman Vishwakarma

Once you reach Chitkul, Don’t forget to hold a cup of tea & a bowl of Maggie at the Dhaba. There was earlier only one Dhaba therefore they had put a board saying “Hindustan Ka Aakhiri Dhaba”. However now because of the growing popularity, there are a lot of Dhabas. So do not waste your time searching for the last Dhaba. I would say, just enjoy your tea, some good Israeli music if you get lucky like me & hot bowl of Maggie.

Whenever you visit Chitkul, keep it as much as simple you can. When nature has so much to offer then why do you want to complicate your life so much. Explore Chitkul, not because its last village at Indo-Tibet border but because it’s magical, pure, colorful & extremely beautiful.

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