Don’t Miss Out on Thrilling Experience In These Things To Do In Manali


If you’re making plans to visit Manali, we are sure you must be sorting out places to visit in Manali and things to do in Manali so that you don’t miss out on anything special and fun. Manali is a beautiful place to visit where you can soak into nature, find peace, and push your limits to indulge in adventure activities you never thought of doing. After all, you must try new things and gain new experiences to live life without any regrets.

Manali is more than watching sunset views from the hillside and soaking in nature. It is about experiencing the thrill of new things. Manali offers tons of things to do. Each of the activities in this list is famous among travelers. So, when you’re done reading this list, book a bus ticket from Delhi to Manali without any second thought and enjoy your vacation.

Famous Things to do in Manali-

Indulge in River Rafting in the Beas River-

River Rafting is one of the top things to do in Manali. The river Beas flowing through the mountains of Manali offers thrilling adventures. River rafting in the Beas River is once in a lifetime experience which you must not miss and is one of the favorite memories of those who visit this scenic city. As you make plans for Manali, make sure to add this adventure activity to your list.

There is all kind of levels for you, beginner, intermediate, and challenging, and Beas river is among the best place to do river rafting in India. There is a dedicated spot in Pirdi for white water rafting and other water sports.

Get the bird’s eye view of Solang Valley while Paragliding-

Flying high in the sky and catching a glimpse of Manali from a glider is among the famous thing to do in Manali. The adrenaline rush to fly like a bird up high will awake the adventurous soul hidden in you. This activity doesn’t only provide adventure but the best bird-eye views of the Himalaya’s Dhauladhar range and the Beas River. The flight time in paragliding depends upon the wind. Solan Valley, Marhi, and Gulaba are well-known places for paragliding in Manali. If you plan your trip from Delhi to Manali between May to September, then don’t forget this adventure thing to do in Manali.

Trekking or hiking in roughed terrains of Manali-

One thing that everyone heard of is trekking. It is a well-known thing to do in Manali. Manali is a paradise for trekkers and hikers. The Himalayan peaks offer abundant space for them to indulge in these adventures. The journey to the destination is more beautiful than the destination. There are treks to gorgeous places such as Jogini Falls, Hampta Pass, Sangla, Chanderkhani Pass, Chandratal Lake, Kalpa, Sar Pass, and lots of places.

Each trek destination offers amazing adventure, trekking trails full of stunning panoramic views of the mountains in snow blanket. It is one activity in Manali you can do any time of the year, though avoid it during the monsoon. Trekking is one thing that offers physical as well as spiritual wellness. It allows you to spend enough type amid nature and connect with it.

Glide Down the snowy slopes in Solang Valley-

As the place turns into Winter Wonderland, it opens door to many winter sports. One of them is Skiing. Snow skiing is one of the favorite things to do in Manali in winter. It offers an exciting date with skiing. Enjoy gliding down the snow-capped mountains as you enjoy the mesmerizing views of the breathtaking alpine.

When it comes to adventure sports and winter sports, Manali is among the most sought-after places. You can take a short course for beginners from Mountaineering and Allied sports directorate. Snow skiing is the best offered at Solang Valley in winter. Dhundi, Marhi, and Gulaba are a few other places in Manali to enjoy snow skiing. One can indulge in these adventurous sports throughout the year in Rohtang.

Roll down the hill tucked inside a ball, Zorbing-

Rolling down the hill in a transparent ball while your world turns upside down is what zorbing is. Would you want to miss such a fun thing to do in Manali? Zorbing in Manali is famous among travelers and fun adventure activity at this hill station. Also known as globe-riding, it is a recreation of downhill rolling in an orb.

The best place to enjoy zorbing in Manali is Solang Valley. While the ball moves in 360-degree, zorbing is a sport for people with gut control and no motion sickness. The best time to enjoy this activity is from October to March.

Stay amid nature during Camping-

How many of us watch TV and see a bunch of friends camping amid nature and just think, when are we going to do it? Well, camping is among the must-do thing in Manali. Though Solang Valley is a hub for this activity, Kothi is another place where you will enjoy camping at its best.

Kothi is a perfect place to enjoy your first camping experience and makes a good halt in your on-foot journey to Rohtang Pass valley. The stunning village of Kothi is settled at the foothills of Rohtang Pass and offers mesmerizing views of the Himalayas and glaciers, with the gushing Beas River flowing next to the camping site.

Push your limits and try Rock Climbing-

If you want to test your spirit and limit, go rock climbing. It is undoubtedly the best adventure thing to do in Manali. Rock climbing is a perfect sport for thrill seekers. The fantastic mountain terrains and landscapes make this activity more amazing. The site for rock climbing is just a 20-minute drive from the city. The new sports in Manali is popular amongst youngsters, and they are also making it a career.

Solang Nallah, Ddungri, and Aleo areas are popular places to do rock climbing in Manali, only if you are a pro. There are courses available for beginners where they can learn rock climbing.

Soak in spirituality and divinity in Hidimba Devi-

We know that Hidimba Devi is among the famous places in Manali. But, it’s not at all. Who so ever visits Manali comes to this place to soak in spirituality. This centuries-old temple makes a perfect place to soak into spirituality, reconnect with yourself, and get close to nature. Visiting this place for serenity is the favorite thing to do among travelers.

Rappelling, Angling, ice skiing, heli-skiing, and hiking are a few other things to do in Manali that you must try during your tour. As winter is coming, make a vacation plan ahead and book bus tickets for Delhi to Manali in advance for easy traveling.