First day in kasol

18th Sep 2022
Photo of First day in kasol by adil khoja
Day 1

Kasol..A place which is heaven of Himachal Pradesh.I have experience travelling to shimla,manali,Narkanda but Kasol has a unique wibe.No place can ever replace the calmness of parvati valley.So for kasol i have booked a bus from delhi at 5.30 p.m.All the buses for kasol is semisliper.The bus are quite comfortable but please get a point in mind the reaching time is not perfect get +2 hours for the time written on the bus time table.When i travel there is jam in the road so my reaching time was 10.00 am in the morning bt i reach kasol at 02.00 pm it was a quite long journey.I just walk down to choj village from the volvo stand which is approximately 1 km.We walk there cross the old fashioned iron bridge to get to the choj village.This village is a gem situated at the bank of parvati rivers with a small water line with in the village some small waterfalls And tons of hotels and cafe.We have stayed at pahadi rovers hotel which cost us 550 for a room.The room was bigger cleaner and situated at the end of village.The view from the balcony was mesmerizing.You can see the mountain range with some of snow covered mountains at the far side.And that pure air if you stay in delhi you know the value of pure air and blue sky its like gods gift for the himachal people.At evening we started to roam around the village The village is full of cafes and hotels bt we want to taste some street food so we cross the bridge and go to a stall nera the road.I can say the chana pav they made was delicious with the view of mountain sitting on road side and that hot snaks its must do thing.Then as all know all the snaks are not complete without a tea although i dont like the himachal tea bt this stall maker make a good strong tea which is rare in himachal which made the day we sit there for half an hour watching sunset at the banks of parvati river with a hot cup of tea thag golden light falling on river water the cold clear air and the sound of parvati river it is far more better than the city hustle.