Honest Confession By A Delhi Girl Who Loves To Travel, But Doesn't Get To


My resolution for 2022 was to travel on at least one weekend of every month. As I sit at my office desk and look back at the months gone by, I realise how my resolution to travel has conveniently tumbled out of my priority list. Here's the problem – I love to travel but I just don't get around to travelling as much as I would like to.

There's so much keeping me from travelling:

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Even though scrolling through my Instagram feed gives me major FOMO, there are legitimate factors that stop me from taking a trip. Being at work all day through the week leaves little time to unwind and by the time it is Friday night, I simply want to crash in bed and sleep through the weekend. On the rare occasion that I choose to travel over weekends, I end up being more tired than rejuvenated. How can anyone be refreshed after a back-breaking bus journey to Himachal, and return early morning on Monday only to spend another tiring 8 hours at work? Let's not forget that I, like every other working professional have very few paid-leaves to saunter along the streets of a place unknown.

Indian parents and safety concerns:

As a young woman who stays away from home, my family expects me to return home for holidays. While I manage to resist sometimes, you can imagine how tedious the entire convincing process is. Indian parents do not understand our urge to travel and break out of our monotonous routine. Living in a society where it is almost a taboo for women to step out of the house without purpose, every trip begins with a world-war at home. Since public spaces are majorly dominated by men, the concern of my safety also acts as a deterrent to planning a trip. There are wonderful women out there who are challenging this norm and making a statement by travelling solo, however, this confidence is something that not all girls possess, I know I don't for sure. I can't just hop a bus on a whim and travel without planning. I have to think everything through, and thus, more often than not, I end up staying back because it is simply easier and safer.

What about the money money money?

As a young person who has just bagged her first job, I am obviously not earning enough to splurge on luxurious holidays. I have to take care of living expenses and at the same time, ensure that I also invest and save for the future. I could either have a YOLO attitude towards life and struggle to make ends meet when I am not on vacation or be smarter about my choices and live comfortably. As a staunch realist, there are no prizes for guessing what I always end up choosing.

This is not to say that I don't travel at all, I do find the time to take a vacation or two every year. But just because people on Instagram forever seem to be exploring new places, it doesn't mean that I have to emulate them and run after creating a picture-perfect life.

There's a hack that will get you by and I'm telling you about it

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If you, like me, are an explorer at heart but can't travel because of similar reasons, here's a tip that will help satiate the wanderlust in you:

Explore your own city! While we spend thousands to travel across different cities and counties, we really don't know much about the city that we call home. Think about it, when was the last time you explored a historic monument in your city all by yourself or went for an aimless walk, discovering you city's hidden lanes? You would be surprised to learn how much fun it is to be touristy in your hometown and unearth secrets you didn't know of before. I guarantee you new experiences, refreshing sights and exciting encounters with different people.

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