Here Are 20 Hilarious Memes That Every Indian Traveller Will Relate To


Memes have taught us that pain and suffering are universal. Here are 20 memes that you will relate to if you always have travel on your mind. Don't worry, you are not alone!

Because there's nothing more exhausting than socialising with relatives you had no idea existed before this Diwali.

Rent? Food? Survival? What's That? I just want to travel.

When your boss rules your life but the wanderlust is too strong.

If you ignore your problems , they won't exist!

Books tickets from Delhi to Mumbai at ₹1,999, suffers in the heat because the AC is obviously not working. Thank you misleading adverts!

Let me also pack a lehenga incase someone decides to get married!

Life with Indian parents be like:

No wonder our airports are always so crowded!

When I see my co-worker crying about life on weekdays but flying to Goa for the weekend. Where is all the money coming from?

Why fall in love with a person when you can just fall in love with Spiti?

Resolution for 2019: catch flights not feelings

The biggest problem of every Indian's life: accepting that they are wrong.

Let's use up all the money we got for Diwali!

When Mummy can't force you to wear a sweater anymore, and you can finally talk to the opposite sex without friends teasing you all the time!

Me when my boss gives me another article to write even though I am only freelancing:

Nothing like being far away from all neighbourhood aunties who judge you for being too "modern".

Your problems: What SRK character to name the baby on
My problems: Which SRK movie location to travel to

I don't even remember what metro station to get off at!

Why get high on drugs when you can get high on travel instead?

When the friend from Noida comes back from a two-week vacation in Europe:

After spending all my money on Forever 21 winter collection:

If you relate to these travel memes, you're a traveller at heart! What are you waiting for? Tag your friends and make them laugh while they're at work.

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