Kalpa, A Mesmerizing Feeling That I Felt


Kalpa, the name isn't just a place, it was a wonderful feeling. The saying goes like this, "our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind."

That feeling of purest form of joy when you give with all your heart is something immeasurable, the joy is unlimited and the level of satisfaction can be immense. This is what I felt in Kalpa.

Photo of Kalpa, A Mesmerizing Feeling That I Felt 1/3 by Amog Sathigal
The Beautiful Kalpa Village

The glory is to surrender in the serenity. The more I saw, very little I became yet it made me feel the richest. It gave me so much as I explored, it was all this little soul wanted. I went where ever my heart lead me in this beautiful hamlet and realised, I should more often follow my heart and go with it where ever it takes me. And as I walked around, I fell in love with the striking beauty of this village and this love will last with me forever. I was surrounded by the beautiful and breathtaking Kinnaur Kailash Mountain ranges.

Photo of Kalpa, A Mesmerizing Feeling That I Felt 2/3 by Amog Sathigal
Kinnaur Kailash Mountain Range

Attraction was the monestary but what attracted me was the hostel for orphans, love is everywhere and it is inevitable, my heart was so thankful for the chance I got to meet those little hearts and a small act of compassion brought tears in my eyes. I saw their pursuit of happiness and freedom. Happiness is so contagious, those happy faces killed my ego, greed and selfishness in that very moment. I wished those children with all my heart for their well- being and bright future. I remember, a small girl who corrected me for the pronunciation of 'Chitkul', it still remains fresh in my heart, it was such a memorable evening.

Photo of Kalpa, A Mesmerizing Feeling That I Felt 3/3 by Amog Sathigal
Such a Sweet Memory

I travel because I want to immerse in the beauty of the creation. Decisions are life-changing and one of the best decisions in the recent days was to set my mind to travel solo, I traveled solo yet was not alone. Being independent got me the most valuable and priceless rewards.

As said by William Wordsworth that the thing of beauty is the joy forever, this beautiful village, this travel, this experience will always bring me joy and happiness through out my life.

Cheers and Happy Travels!!