Kasol- Mini Israel of India

1st May 2018

In for a bet? I am sure most of us sulk at the mention of a village. What’s in a village? What can a village promise as a vacation? Nah! Come on. Let us explore one of the most exotic villages in India: Kasol. And I bet, not only will your hesitation towards holidaying vanish, but also, you are going to get there this summer! Ready?

Kasol Village

Photo of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Anannya

To start with, Kasol is a small village in Himachal Pradesh. But mind you, do not judge the place’s magnificence just by the fact that it is ‘small’. Come on! It is not about the length. Sometimes it is about the depth and width too. Right? Stretched along the lovely Located on the banks of the gorgeous Parvati River, Kasol serves as a perfect base for trekkers. And this is the most hippie place in Himachal. Busted with bars, bakeries and cheap guesthouses, this village is a huge craze for travelers from all around the world, including Israel! Kasol has been an easy base for the nature-lovers who want to explore the forested valley. And I have a little surprise for my readers at the end of this article! Let us get to know what are the things to do in this amazing ‘small’ place!

Parvati River

Photo of Kasol- Mini Israel of India by Anannya

Lose Yourself In ‘Parvati’s’ Lap

Oh! Before you imagine other things, let me tell you, the Parvati I mentioned is hell more beautiful than what you imagined her to be! Well, I am talking about river Parvati! The picturesque river is breathtaking! The frothing river cuts across the mighty rocks, cackles and churns, while tall and green pine trees loom on its banks. A walk along this river-bank is sure to unravel all the emotions you had been holding back till now. True that I was lost in the scene . Each bend in the river opens up to the exciting stretch of pine trees, cliffs and waterfalls. And the most exciting thing is, you could gift yourself a sensuous foot spa right in the middle of nature’s lap! You can stretch out on one of the smooth boulders beside the river with you feet playing in the cold water! Believe me. No expensive salon can give you that feel! Try it out to experience it. For me hand in hand it was amazing experience.

The weather in Kasol though pleasant is a bag full of surprises. So much so that even natives find it hard to predict. What starts out as a chilly morning turns to a warm and sunny day to a windy and cold night. The spice to the time-table is the Himachali winds that bring rain with them without much warning at any time of the day.

Some Herbs

Photo of Kasol- Mini Israel of India by Anannya

Indulge in Shiva’s way of living

It's not a place for sightseeing. It’s a town to stay and experience. You can meet people from around the world who indulge in Shiva’s way of living. Trek along the boulevards and breathe fresh air. Sit along the banks of River Parvati and listen to people’s tale and stories.

God made Grass, Man Made Booze, In whom do you trust

Photo of Kasol- Mini Israel of India by Anannya

Okay. Now it’s time for the surprise. Yes. This is the place which is ‘infamous’ among the ‘cannabis smokers’ and Israeli tourists. This place offers you one of the finest qualities of Herb "Wink" in the world.

The Best Part! Food!

Cafe Mama (My favorite one)

Photo of Kasol- Mini Israel of India by Anannya

Kasol is a haven for great food. Particularly, Israeli food. In for a new cuisine? Yum! Set in a remote corner of the world, Kasol is crowded by young Israelis. And so it is referred to as Mini Israel. The street side cafeterias serve excellent food. Given the fact, that the place is serene and pristine, there is no fear that any dirt would enter your intestines! So just go and indulge in some yummy Israeli food, enjoying the view of the might hills and green forests! You do not know, what’s more satisfying of the two!

German Bakery, momos, tukpa (noodle soup), Crepes , waffles are all round the nooks and corners and truste it will surely satisfy your taste buds.

So, next time you are in Kasol or even crossing Kasol, stop by and try one or all of these cafes, whatever your appetite allows ????

Bon Appetit!

Short Trek to Chalal

Photo of Kasol- Mini Israel of India by Anannya

A fifteen minute walk from Kasol village leads to Chalal, on the other side of the Parvati River. This forest destination is accessible by crossing a cable supported bridge over the river. The nature walk along the trail is awesome in the moonlight with the Great Himalayas on one side and the Parvati valley on the other. Though the path is narrow, the walk is scintillating with the sound of the river as background music along the way. Trance parties are a feature here, as they are held often deep in the woods attended by both locals as well as visitors.

Get Astonished At Malana!

Malana Trek

Photo of Kasol- Mini Israel of India by Anannya

Malana is a famous hamlet in Himachal. Famous for its distinct culture and a temple named Jamlu Devta. Malana is all about adventure, sight-seeing and the peculiar culture and tradition of the villagers. The inhabitants of the village are confined to a self imposed isolation. Proclaiming themselves as the descendants of the Aryans, they believe that their purity would be lost by interaction with outlanders. They are so conscious about their tradition that they do not consider themselves a part of the Indian jurisdiction. Well, do not expect a classy hospitality from this place. But, what’s wrong in trying something new? Experiences should not be classified as good or bad. Everything adds to your bag! Right, traveler?

Lighten Your Pockets - Flea Market


Photo of Kasol- Mini Israel of India by Anannya

Apart from memories, If you are a hippie backpacker, you’ll just love everything in the flea market. All psychedelic: from T-shirts, harems, bongs, pouches, hemp wrist bands, etc. And yes, don’t forget to bargain.Heavy on happiness and light on the pocket!

Best Time To Visit

Kasol is at it’s peak beauty in the month of May – October. You can cool down in the summers and also witness snow fall in the winters!

I had amazing experience! Try yours