My Favourite day in 'Kasol' - Up in the Himachal

24th Nov 2014
Photo of My Favourite day in 'Kasol' - Up in the Himachal 1/5 by Zenobia Madon
The Himalayan Village, Kasol
Photo of My Favourite day in 'Kasol' - Up in the Himachal 2/5 by Zenobia Madon
Drive from Kasol to Manali
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View from the mainland in Kasol
Photo of My Favourite day in 'Kasol' - Up in the Himachal 4/5 by Zenobia Madon
Photo of My Favourite day in 'Kasol' - Up in the Himachal 5/5 by Zenobia Madon
View from our Macchan @ Himalayan Village

We love the hills and the snow, and as ardent travelers in spirit, we are eager to grab any opportunity that comes our way to pack our bags and take off.. to a new place...a new a new something new everyday. Kasol, happened to us by chance...on one such longish weekend when we decided to get away from the hustle bustle of city life and head to the hills in himanchal. Kasol is this undiscovered quaint kind off place tucked in the hills about 30 kms off Manali and is a beauty to visit in any season anytime in the year. It is said that the beauty of Kasol changes colors with every season and no matter which month you visit Kasol, it is certain you will fall in love with the beauty of its hills. Other than Kasol's exquisite natural beauty, the Himalayan Village resort, the happening cafes (our fav being 'Evergreen Cafe'), the finger licking food and friendly welcoming culture and locals, add to the overall experience and all in all make it a perfect holiday destination and a must visit place for all.

Our Journey from Delhi to Kasol

We started our trip from Delhi and took the HRTC government bus service which turned out to be very comfortable and convenient. We boarded the bus at night from Delhi around 9:30 PM and by 6:30AM the next day we had reached Bhunter in Kullu (which is a place few kms before Manali). We then took a cab and within 30 mins reached Kasol. The drive up the hills was beautiful and the freshness in the air and greenery around made us feel alive like never before.

Our Abode - Himalayan Village Resort

When in Kasol, must must stay in style at the Himalayan Village Resort, which is a very comfortable and tastefully done up abode up in the hills. The resort is built of brick and stone, the cottages are very tastefully furnished with all modern amenities, great food options, has very prompt and friendly service and all in all is an excellent place to stay and soak in the beauty of the place and its surroundings, Situated in the heart of Paravati valley, the resort's location is terrific - cottages built in the heart of the valley, with a view of the majestic snow clad peaks on one side, flanked by tall deodar trees on the other side and the gentle meandering Parvati river flowing steadily, just a few steps from the resort. The resort is also famous for its restaurant 'Sanjha Chulha' which serves amazing food, the taste of which you will cherish and recall for days to come. We checked in, had yummy breakfast at Sanjha Chulha (I still fondly recall the perfectly strong frothy coffee I sipped on each morning) and then started on our expedition to explore Kasol.

Trek to Malana

Malana is a popular village in Kasol which can be reached after a short hike. We started our treck and the best part was that the entire route was very sparsely populated. We were just 3 of us (my husband, me and our cab driver) walking up the hills through a narrow lane made through the snow. It was like being in narnia land, quite, screne with fresh white snow scattered all over the hills for miles ahead of us. Occasionally we would spot a couple of huts made of stone and a couple of villagers working their way up the hill with heaps of stone and basic supplies. The Malana tribe was very intriguing to know of and the more we understood about their unique rules, beliefs and ways of living, we were awestruck. The Malana mountain range was also a home to a group of black and yellow hornbills (birds) which were immensely enjoying their flight amid the valley covered with snow.

Drinks and Dinner @ Evergreen Cafe

After the adventurous trek to Malana, our next halt was at the famous Everygreen Cafe where we stopped for some sumptuous Israeli food and beer. The experience of drinking chilled beer after a long tiring day, the pizza, Shakalab, Kasol cake (brownie) etc.were outstanding. The view from the cafe of the sun setting behind the snow clad peaks was a perfect one to end the day.

The stunning natural beauty of Kasol, the amazing Himalayan village Resort, the friendly culture, the weather and renowned Evergreen cafes make it top the list of 'my favorite' places for sure.

We are staunch ambassadors for Kasol ever since we visited it for the first time this year and we will be happy to share more details with anyone, anytime.

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