10 secrets of Malana - A mystic village known for it's charas!


Malana, an ancient Indian village in Himachal Pradesh, is isolated from the rest of the world. Rest of world only cares for Malana because it grows the best charas in the world. Malana has its own lifestyle and social structure and people strictly follow their customs. Here are the (best) 10 secrets of Malana that are not known to the outsiders.

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Parvati Valley, Kasol

1) Malana Cream - Grows world's best marijuana

Malana is mainly known for it's charas and attracts a lot of people from all over the world because of their quality hashish. Malana cream has won the Best Hashish title twice, in 1994 and 1996, at High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup.

2) One of the oldest democracies of the world

The village administration is democratic and is believed, by locals, to be the oldest republic of the world. The entire village is administered by a council that has eleven members and they are believed as delegates of their powerful deity, Jamblu Devta. Their decision is ultimate in any dispute and any outsider authority is never required. Thus Malana has been named the Athens of Himalayas.

3) Kanashi - Sacred Language and outsiders are not allowed to speak

The story goes like this, an old saint named Rishi Jamdagni (father of lord Parashurama), after doing great tapasya, got the village free from the demons (rakshas) and the only last wish they asked for was their language to be spoken. The tradition continues. Kanashi is considered to be one of the secrets of the village and outsiders are not allowed to use it for communication.

4) Police intervention is strictly not entertained

Villagers resolve their disputes through their council. Police intervention is striclty not entertained. However few locals have recently begun approaching police at Kullu to resolve disputes related to lands.

5) Conflicts are resolved by poisoning lambs

Villagers resolves conflicts by poisoning lambs. The party that loses its lamb first is said to lose the conflict.

6) Untouchability is still practiced in Malana

People in Malana consider all non-Malani to be inferior and consequently untouchable. Visitors to Malana town must pay particular attention to stick to the prescribed paths and not to touch any of the walls, houses or people there. If this does occur, visitors are expected to pay a forfeit sum, that will cover the sacrificial slaughter of a lamb in order to purify the object that has been made impure.

7) Two storey houses

Houses in Malana are of two storeys and each storey has a specific name and purpose. The ground floor acts as a cattle shed and where the firewood and fodder for the sheep and goats are stored. The first floor is used to store eatables, wood and for weaving woolen fabric. The top floor with an over hanging balcony is the living quarter.

8) Preserving their ecological heritage

According to the village rules, fixing nails on a tree and burning of fire in the forest of Malana are prohibited. Only dry twigs and branches are allowed to be carried away from the forest. Hunting is not allowed without the permission of the village council.

9) Divorce too is not uncommon

Marriage is a simple affair without any priest or ritual. The locals call it the Rakshasi marriage. The bride goes after the groom to his house. In case of divorce, the boy has to arrange a separate house, food etc for the girl. Divorced women and widows can remarry. Polygamy is allowed for men.

10) Descendants of Greek soldiers of Alexander's army

There are various legends about their origin. According to one of them, it is believed that they are the descendants of Greek soldiers of Alexander's army. As the legend goes, some soldiers took refuge in this remote land after Alexander left the country and later settled there permanently.

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