Malana Cream – The World’s Best Hashish

12th Dec 2016
Photo of Malana Cream – The World’s Best Hashish 1/4 by Neeraj Dhiman

Lurking in the North east Kullu range, Malana is completely isolated from the monotony of India’s city culture. This remote village is mainly known for it’s charas, and has over time drawn hashish lovers from all over the world. But Malana is so much more than that. Malana is famous for ‘Malana cream’, a strain of Cannabis hashish which has high oil content and an intensely fragrant aroma. Malana Cream is a hash made from heirloom cannabis grown in this remote area of the Parvati Valley. In Amsterdam, the stuff sells for $250 per tola, which is 11.66 grams of hashish.

The Cannabis, the Police and the Government

Photo of Malana Cream – The World’s Best Hashish 2/4 by Neeraj Dhiman

For the locals, cannabis is a ‘religion.’ There is nothing else that grows in the valley except cannabis. Unlike other mountain villages where people farm potatoes and peas, Malana grows only one plant—cannabis. Infact, the stretch of cannabis fields in the whole of Parvati valley is quite unbelievable. They are seen growing wild everywhere. So, the livelihood of all Malani people depends on those 3 months of cannabis harvesting from September to November. There are approximately 7000 people in the village and almost each and everyone work together during the harvesting time. But, the Malanis learnt the art of cannabis rubbing quite recently. Prior to that their only source of livelihood came from selling sheep wool.

Photo of Malana Cream – The World’s Best Hashish 3/4 by Neeraj Dhiman
The Village That Grows The World’s Best Hashish.

Many hash retailers label hash as Malana Cream to increase profits. Yet, the real stuff is so popular due to the quality of the beginning cannabis strains. The heirloom varieties grown in Malana are naturally high resin producers, making hash extractions from the plant all the more potent.

Some claim that hash made from Malana plants contain 30 to 40% THC, which is pretty darn high considering many Indian cannabis plants produce between 5 and 8% THC per plant. The hash itself is dark black and has a bit of a chewing gum consistency.

Now the world knows of the sweet pleasures of the Parvati valley. Malana cream has won the Best Hashish title twice, in 1994 and 1996, at High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup. The village is a stoners paradise branded in travel and ganja-hunting literature as the exotic and alluring “ Malana and the Magic Valley.”

Photo of Malana Cream – The World’s Best Hashish 4/4 by Neeraj Dhiman

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