Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island

2nd Jan 2020

Snow trail to the hidden gem - Parashar Lake

Photo of Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island by Mritunjay Mishra

A paradise, a hidden gem, a floating lake in the lap of 3 ranges of the mighty Himalayas.

Photo of Parashar Lake, D.P.F. Parashar Dhar, Himachal Pradesh by Mritunjay Mishra

Parashar Lake is situated in between the mighty Pir Pranjal, Dhauladhar & Kinnaur Range of the Himalayan belt in State of Himanchal Pradesh. With snow-capped mountains and 180 Degree spectacular view, this place is a blessing of Nature & Trek lovers. Winters make this place covered with a sheet of snow, white landscape, chilling wind and the frozen lake will make you feel out of the world and would leave you astonished. Summer as well doesn't disappoint you, as the meadows are on full bloom with green land and wild flower gallons.


For us Mortals nature holds mysteries which are beyond Comprehensions. The trek is a easy trail yet with changing landscape, climbs, boulders and meadows will fill your soul with beauty of nature. On the trail you will be welcomed with heavy boulders, followed by river stream which will lead you to a small school which is only place for the regional kids to learn and make memories with their friends. The climbs continue for almost 2 hours challenging your fitness and patience. The route is smooth yet slippery and one needs to be cautious with the surrounding bushes. In winters the climbs becomes yet tough due to patches of hard black ice on the trail which becomes even worse during the rainy seasons.

Photo of Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island by Mritunjay Mishra

Solo Travellers recomended route:

v DELHI - MANDI (Bus or Volvo)

v Mandi - BAGGI Village (Local Transport which is very rare on this route)

v Baggi - Parashar BASE CAMP - Trek

v PARASHAR LAKE - BAGGI Village - Trek

v Baggi - MANDI- Local Transport

NOTE: Also u can take a bus from main road near Baggi village at sharp 3 in evening for Barshani and Kullu

The route from Mandi from Baggi is full of loop turns and hardly a heavy vehicle can fit on the road yet 2 sides traffic was smooth as we barely came across any vehicles in the valley. As the route took us across the mountains, landscape kept changing from brown mountains to white snow-capped Dhauladhar range. Here we also came across IIT Mandi which is situated with a spectacular infrastructure beside a flowing river and surrounded by 3 mountains giving is a look and feel of a college which we have only seen in typical Bollywood Movies.

We reached Baggi and had light snacks provided by the team, followed by which we were briefed by our guide about the track and the prcautions that we need to take on the route.

The view at Baggi was peaceful as we had a river flowing by with a very narrow flow as it was peak of winters and we were expecting everything frozen up there at the top.


We geared up to start for the first leg of the trek which will take us from big boulders and the dry patch of the water body towards the school which is approximately 4 km challenging route. We all started the trek with a hail to go slow but steady and only stop post we reach school. As we started with our first climb we met a group of sheep's with a female shepherd, as we headed a male of the sheep found us harmful and came running to us with all its power and tried attacking on us. He brought us down the track no less than 300 meters and made us run to save our lives. Our Local guide requested the shepherd and we crossed them as she held the male sheep and we passed the route quickly.

This was such a Wild welcome which gave us a content of gossip for the entire route.

Long trails between the woods, a route made by locals for their daily movement and the sunshine which made the trees look like a lamp lit with lights. Flowing water bodies and the chirping of the birds along with the silence & beauty of nature was soul soothing.

Photo of Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island by Mritunjay Mishra

Very few local settlements made this place look like a paradise and we felt like spending years here. Yet the nature brings its own challenges and our guide told us about the hardships of the locality and extreme weather conditions in winters and the Rainy seasons.

Moving ahead we leave the flat route and arrive in the boulders which are also part of the water body which is at its full swing during the monsoons. As you get to the boulders focus on where you step and not on the speed. Take right from the "Y" as the left will take you to a different small village. After taking the right you can see the school clearly and it takes just 15 minutes to reach their, relax and then start the climb on the mountain which will take you to the top of Dhauladhar range which will provide you the first half view of the Parashar Lake fences.


Only drinking water source on the entire route is available at School. Fill your bottles here

Photo of Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island by Mritunjay Mishra

After a small break at school start heading towards the climb on the mountain covered with dense forest. The trail is narrow from here and we had to climb constantly along the slippery track due to little snowfall till the bottom of the range. It's a constant mild climb of 2-3 hours which tests your fitness, stamina and patience. Here we came across a barren old wooden temple shaped structure which as per the locals is possessed and has some negative powers due top which halting there is not recommended.

We meet some locals here who lived nearby and had there vegetable farms which they sold in the nearby locations to make their living. Facing such harsh climates and challenges with almost not knowledge of the modern tech world, they were happy in the natures lap living their life with all time to enjoy the small joys of life.

Heading ahead we came to the top of the mountain where we had our first look to the Parashar belt with the sun setting on the opposite side creating a saffron sky which was a worth landscape after almost 5 hours of trek which brought us to the top of the world.

Photo of Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island by Mritunjay Mishra

Now we were 10 Min away from our campsite and this 10 min was a full snow trek as the place witnessed heavy snowfall since last 2 days. We clicked pictures and reached the camp just before the sunset. We spent the night here in tents along with bonfire.

(Note: always as for -10 Degree sleeping bags here as the temperature can fall very low in midnight)

Next Day early morning, I went on a small walk and was accompanied by a dog with brown fur which came along us from the School which was in between the trek. Trust me this was a great company to watch sunrise from between the snow covered mountains.

Photo of Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island by Mritunjay Mishra

Post Breakfast, it was time to head for Parashar Lake as it was approx. 3 km away and the trail was so mesmerizing as our eyes can only see white sheet of snow under the blue clear sky. It's an easy flat trail but the most beautiful till now. In no time we were at the Parashar Temple. After dumping our bags at a nearby tea stall, we moved to have a look at the floating island in the Lake and this view was priceless.


Lake surrounded by mountains, sheet of snow which covers the lake and the frozen island in between, it provides you a view you can't take your eyes off from. From here, at the top, you can see all 3 ranges of Pir Pranjal, Dhauladhar & Kinnaur. The wind is chilling and the views are marvellous.

Photo of Parashar Lake: Sheet of snow, a Hidden lake & a floating island by Mritunjay Mishra

Here from the shorter peak is the best view of the lake. Sitting here for hours makes you feel as the time too froze along with the lake.

We took the same trek route to head down to village of Baggi and then were transferred by vehicle to Mandi and we took a bus to Manali for our further trip.

The team of Wanderers Adventure Sports was highly helpful though the entire trip and the guide was well known to the location and was also a mountaineering certified guide. This was a well planned trip by the team.

History of Parashar Lake:

It is believed that Sage (Rishi) Prashar meditated on the banks of this lake; hence it is named as Prashar Lake. Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, had created the lake. The story says, after the Kurukshetra / Mahabharat war, Pandavas were returning with Lord Kamrunag. When they reached this place, Kamrunag loves the tranquil surroundings and decides to live here forever. So, Bhima (the strongest of the lot) rams his elbow on one of the mountains and creates a big dent in the land. This dent became Prashar Lake.

Till now no one has been able to find out the depth of Prashar Lake.

By: Mritunjay Mishra

Instagram: Ghummakad_Gyan