Spiti Circuit : 2 Nights in Reckong Peo

Photo of Spiti Circuit : 2 Nights in Reckong Peo by Nikhil Nangia

Narayan Nagini Temple

Photo of Spiti Circuit : 2 Nights in Reckong Peo by Nikhil Nangia

Journey To Spiti | Reckong peo to kalpa - Trip Day 2

Reckong Peo is the district headquarters of Kinnaur. I was using Peo as a transit base for going to

Kaza (Spiti Lahaul)

I stayed in Peo for 02 Nights

Peo is a beautiful town. The view this place offers is breathtaking . Locals are really friendly and

mostly trustworthy. The Kinnaur-Kailash could be better seen from Kalpa which was around 2.7km

which is hardly 8minutes drive from my hotel in Peo. Local Buses are available frequently on Peo to Kalpa route and the bus fare was Rs.20/passenger.

The Places I visited in Kalpa are as below :

Narayan Nagini Temple : This is an ancient temple situated in Chinni village, Kalpa.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the main temple, but you can enter the premises from where you

can see the unique architecture of the temple. The main deity is Lord Vishnu (Narayan).

The amazing view of Himalayas from the temple premises was Beautiful.

Hu-Ba-Lan-Kar Monastery

A small monastery in Kalpa ,more a Gumpa (temple) but a beautiful place, very serene ambience.

The carvings on the doors of the temple is exquisite. Located within the town, it is not very difficult to

reach. The temple closes after the morning prayers to outsiders so one can move around the

premises and enjoy the beautiful view of the KInnar-Kailash ranges from the balconies but will not be

able to see the interiors.

Maa Chandika Devi Ji Ka Qilla : It was closed for visitors but one could see the outer perphirals from

the gate.

The next morning I boarded the bus for Kaza, reached the Reckong Peo Bus adda at 0430hrs as

they do not sell the bus tickets in advance.

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Some important information

BUS TICKET BOOKING SOURCE : Direct from Reckong Peo Bus Adda

TIMINGS OF BUS DEPARTURE : 0530 HRS (Bus comes from Shimla)



So Friends ! I hope You enjoy my experience to my first leg of journey !