Surprisingly Triund Trek!!!

Photo of Surprisingly Triund Trek!!! 1/3 by Ayushi Lekhwani

A true wanderer never gets tired of exploring. And there is no abode more relaxing than nature's arms. Last month was full of surprises. The festive season was filled with cheerful and positive vibe; the break from office meant sneaking into the world of adventures. And the impromptu Triund trek was decided over a cup of espresso. It indeed proved that any plan made with a sip of coffee never goes wrong.

Photo of Surprisingly Triund Trek!!! 2/3 by Ayushi Lekhwani

We did our packing within no time. Clearly, I could not control my level of excitement. Unlike other trips, this time we decided to go by Bus. The Volvo bus took us some 10 hours to reach Mcleodganj. As it was an evening bus, we were ensured of seeing the shinning sunrays through the snow-capped mountains and pine trees. We had booked our hotel room earlier and the sight through our window was mesmerizing. We were served Aloo - Puri with curd and it was a delight.

Our cab came in and it was finally the time to explore the hidden gems of Mcleodganj. Our first stop was the 16 th century Namgyal Monastery. The largest Tibetan temple outside Tibet, it is also the home to Dalai Lama. Today it houses about 200 monks and the air of spirituality makes the surrounding far more beautiful.

We had explored the Kangra Art Museum is located at the center of Dharamshala. If you are an Art Lover then this place is for you, This Museum has a great collection which embodies the culture of Tibetans. The Prime attraction of the Museum are the paintings which have to be looked into for its intricate and mesmerizing work.

After that, we went to Dharamshala Stadium. It Severed as the home ground for Himachal Pradesh Cricket team for Ranji Trophy matches and other domestic matches. The stadium also hosted some IPL matches as a home stadium for Kings XI Punjab.The picturesque venue is unique in India as it is situated at an altitude of 1,457 m above the sea level and has the snow-capped Himalaya mountains in the background. It was a dream to see the Dharamshala Stadium live.

The tea gardens just couple up the beauty. And if you are searching for tranquillity then this place has everything to offer you. It was already mid-day and a cheesy pizza in the nearby cafe came to our rescue.

We drove towards the Sun set point. I have always been inclined to the changing hues and there could not be a better way to end the first day. We walked down to the point and the sky looked crimson, as if a painter had just given the final stroke. I clicked a few pictures but then I simply stood there and enjoyed the moment. We returned to our hotel, tired yet excited for the next day.

The second day was the day for Triund trek. We backpacked and started the trek at 10am. It wasn't the nerve chilling winter and we could manage with our regular winter clothes. Though it was a 9kms trek, we took breaks, had our lunch and reached the hilltop at 5pm.

The first half of the trek was surprisingly easy. The walks through the oak and rhododendron forests would fill in the adrenaline rush in every traveller's heart. However, the 22 sharp curves made the other half of the trekking bit difficult. We could see the sun setting slowly behind the mountain peak and we lit the bonfire. We had booked our camp earlier and the merry crowd welcomed us warmly. There were people from different places and had different travel stories. We ate our dinner under the starlight sky and quickly slid into our blankets.

We woke up to one of the most magnificent sunrises with Dhauladhar Mountains on one side and Kangra Valley on the other. We had some hot soup and took a stroll nearby, before returning to Mcleodganj.we enjoyed the early morning view of the top of the hill.

We reached Mcleodganj at 2 pm And this time. We were craving for a good nap and a good food. So, we left for the Illiterati Café. Any Café with ambience would make you feel good. Open windows and seating in the balcony facing the mountains are the highlights of this café.

The walls are adorned by the humongous collection of books and that is their biggest strength. We order Cold Coffee, Pasta and Roasted Chicken.

Our bus to Delhi was at 8pm. As we were returning back and I peeked through the window, I could feel the cold breeze against my face. It was a goodbye that had an invitation within it.

Photo of Surprisingly Triund Trek!!! 3/3 by Ayushi Lekhwani

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