The Queen

24th Jul 2019

The first time I visited Shimla was 3 years ago. I'd hardly spent a day here and I didn't really like it very much. Mostly because it has a city vibe, commercialisation and hell lot of people.

3 years later, I visited Shimla again. This time it was for work, so I knew I'd have to spend good 10 days here. Because of the misconception I had about this place, I was sceptical with the idea of staying here for so many days.

So, with a fresh mind and a new day, I convinced myself to clean the slate and start afresh. Every morning was different after that. Every experience, all the places that I'd seen in movies, came to life. ---
This city gave me a new perspective about the land of gods, its people and culture.

Today, after almost 2 weeks, I'm moving on to a different place, different mountains, different river and different people with a heavy heart and leaving behind a piece of myself.

Until next time, Shimla.

Her beauty lies more in the night than day. All lit up golden and white draped in a black dress.

Photo of The Queen by Jay Thakkar