Himalayas, the pride of the country has been my favorite since I was little. The different landscapes, the gorgeous colors and the pleasant weather has often drawn me to the mighty hills whenever I could make time. Am I hill lover? No, I am a hill freak may be.

Here is a glimpse of some pictures of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh's Rohtang and Solang. 

Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas 1/4 by Shilpi
A glimpse of the mighty Himalayas from Dett Marhi, the last village before Rohtang
Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas 2/4 by Shilpi
Gateway to heaven - View of Himalayas from Dett Marhi
Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas 3/4 by Shilpi
Serene shades of emerald and blue on the Himalayas- A view from Solang Valley
Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas 4/4 by Shilpi
The unconquered Himalayas sprinkled with snow. A sneak peak at Rohtang pass.

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