A Day in Scenic Salem

6th Mar 2014
Photo of A Day in Scenic Salem 1/4 by Harleen Kalsi
Kailasanath Temple
Photo of A Day in Scenic Salem 2/4 by Harleen Kalsi
Intricate artwork of Kailasanath temple
Photo of A Day in Scenic Salem 3/4 by Harleen Kalsi
People propelling coracles at Hogenakkal wate
Photo of A Day in Scenic Salem 4/4 by Harleen Kalsi
Serene beauty of Poolampatty

No, not the progressive and historically rich town of Massachusetts, USA. India carved herself her very own Salem town located in Tamil Nadu. Chennai express to Salem that took 6 hours to reach. The town is wedged amidst an amphitheatre of hills and a panoramic landscape. It epitomizes that big things can come in small packages that will grant some contentment to your life.  For an intrepid traveller who follows the examples set by several explorers and wanderlust freaks, Salem is all about exquisite temples, mysterious national parks and awe-inspiring waterfalls.  Even though it maintains its distance from the tinsel town, its subtly captivating power has attracted many over the years.  It symbolizes the fact that Southern India has always been in stories for its myriad topography.  

We visited the Kailasanath Temple in Tharamangalam first because sometimes the clichéd routes bring out the best of everything. This majestic piece of architecture like many others has a rich history behind it. Intricate depiction of Yali, a mythical creature is the major attraction of this temple. Its calculated meticulous ability to every minute detail is commendable, which has further enhanced the inscriptions and carvings on the stone. Its unique and vivid artwork is a delight for those who share a niche for architecture and history.
Photo of Tharamangalam, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India by Harleen Kalsi
The Hogenakkal waterfalls is located just 2hour drive away from Tharamangalam, is a settlement to its mother river, Kaveri. Locals claimed it to be the ‘’Niagara of India’’ and after we witnessed its water streaming down the deep and uneven gorges, every word stood for itself. We propelled our coracles around to benefit from this long travelled journey.
Photo of Hogenakkal Waterfalls, Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal Road, Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu, India by Harleen Kalsi
Last but not the least; we got a quick gist of Kerala from Poolampatty water place. The scenic background and serene boathouses acted like a tranquiliser for life.
Photo of Poolampatty, Tamil Nadu, India by Harleen Kalsi