Weekend drive to Hogenakkal falls

Photo of Weekend drive to Hogenakkal falls 1/3 by rajiv
On the way to Hogenakkal
Photo of Weekend drive to Hogenakkal falls 2/3 by rajiv
The gorgeous falls
Photo of Weekend drive to Hogenakkal falls 3/3 by rajiv
Hogenakkal Falls

I have been to the Hogenakkal falls atlest more than once and I kind of love and hate the place.

Love because the falls are beautiful and gorgeous and hate because all the people getting the oil massage in the waters of the Kaveri river before it actually becomes a ‘fall’, make the water so dirty that I don’t feel like getting into the water for a bath.

On a lazy weekend with nowhere to go, I again planned to make a quick dash to the falls but this time around, it was just a quick drive from Bangalore and hence, did not click much photos but enjoyed the place nonetheless.

The roads from Bangalore to hogenakkal are mostly green and well maintained, not to forget the beautiful villages that you cross every ten – twenty kilometers or so, making the drive even more beautiful.

One good thing about Hogenakkal and one of the best from my point of view is, the food you get there. Food as in not the proper food but the freshly caught and fried fish! I just love the freshly caught and fried fish there.

For a relaxed experience at the Hogenekkal falls, hire one of the boats that you get below the hanging bridge (bargain hard) and head to the other side of the river, downstream. Pick a spot which does not seem to get a lot of sunlight (it gets too hot here anyways, all round the year) and enjoy your lunch (which you have to carry before you get on to that boat and head downsteam) with freshly fried fish!