10 Good Reasons Why You Should Travel

15th Dec 2018
Photo of 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Travel by Solaceonwheels

Travelling is the only thing where you spend and get richer.

I become very frantic when it comes to exploring new places, meeting new people and make memories. Choosing the places and time wisely, planning the things a little and leaving home is the only thing that is required, rest follows. If you are travelling within the country and have average expectations with stay and foods, I guess you are already half the travelling asks for. It’s not an uber affair but can feel you euphoric when you scroll down the photographs.

When I say travelling, always remember that there is a fine line between a traveller and tourist. It’s on you to choose what you want to be. A tourist sees what he has come to see, but a traveller stays, lives and explores. I have always happened to be on the later category of it and i am so loving it there.

Why travel?

Never fades away:

Everything is temporary but the memories you make during the course of your travel are going to stay. Each day makes you feel more nostalgic.

Makes the bond stronger:

If you have a travel gang then congratulations. You are going to make that friendship even stronger with each trip done and times spent together. You will get to know crazy things about each other and it’s going to be like never before with each trip done.

Make new connections:

If you are even a pinch of extrovert or even ambivert, you tend to develop new connections as you get to meet hell lot of new people in life. This helps you upskill manyfolds.

Knowing various cultures:

I will especially talk of india in this segment. After say every 100 kms you travel you will generally find a varied language being spoken there. Such is the diversity of this country with so many cultures to be explored and known of. Travelling makes you keep adding new things about various diversities which will certainly turn you an encyclopaedia somewhere down the line.

Developing perspective:

The more you know, the more it strengthens you. Tasting the waters of all the places enables you to make your own perspective about things rather than assuming stuffs. When you visit places you can understand why other person’s version of truth of that particular place was erred.

Makes you more robust:

When you find yourself in thick soup, don’t panic. There will be situations which might trouble you at any given particular period of time but that is surely gonna pass. Remember, whatever does not kill you simply makes you stronger!

You learn to adjust:

The occurrences will shape up a very different person out of you altogether. You ought to be flexible at times and need to adjust to the various anomalies. The journey teaches a lot of things.

Improves vision of world:

You get to make your own vision for the world, be it social, demographic or political. Once you have your own experiences, the reference point drawn are more accurate than any pre conceived notions injected in you. Travelling helps answer many questions that you have from the world.

Get to explore new places:

Exploring does not only means visiting coz that falls under the tourist’s scope of things. Exploring is way high better than that. It’s getting to know about the place to an extent that make you an opinion leader of it. Living the life of the places only comes up with interaction with the inhabitants there.

You got stories to tell:

This the most intriguing element of travelling which makes me so more of it every time i finish one. Imagine sitting with your grandchild and telling them the real experiences of the world. I don’t know whether they give a damn to it but it makes you happy either way. I can remember my grandpa’s glistening eyes when he used to travel to his childhood with us on his deep elaborated stories.

When you travel, please remember do the following:

Eat their food, Dance their songs, drink their wine, talk to them, listen to their stories and last but not the least- LIVE THEIR LIFE!

P.S- Don’t miss to see the Sunrise and Sunset there!