6 Trains In India That You Have To Get On!

16th Dec 2014
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Royalty aboard The Maharaj Express
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Luxury rides the Palace on Wheels
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The Golden Chariot spells splendour
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Mesmerizing Konkan Railway rides
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The enchanting Toy Train
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Breathtaking Kashmir Railways

When it comes to picking a mode of transport which lets you be laidback, allows you to sit back and enjoy the view - trains win, hands down. Luckily, some of India's most beautiful destinations are also home to the most scenic train rides. What you need to do is, get rid of the picture of Indian trains being under-equipped, stinky and crowded, get ready to set on traversing terrains as dramatic as snow-capped peaks or yellow-hued plateaus in these beautiful trains!

Trains are authentic - the best way to experience a destination in a way that’s just not possible when you cover miles over the clouds. And I agree these aren’t trains that you take every day, but these are surely the trains in India, that’ll make your day!

Here's are some of the best train rides you need to experience in India!

The Indian Maharaja: From Mumbai to New DelhiThis one is for the lovers of all things luxury, because why else would you imagine indulging in an aromatherapy massage on your way to the Taj Mahal! The Indian Maharaja has massive cabins (including two Presidential Suites), two restaurant cars, a spa and a conference car that can be transformed into a dance floor. Yes you read that right!The Indian Maharaja takes you on a long, indulgent ride from Mumbai to New Delhi, via Rajasthan, passing through the beautiful cities of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Agra. This may just be the travelling 5-star hotel you were looking for, with culture and architecture unfurling magically around you.

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Karishma

The Palace on Wheels: From New Delhi to Rajasthan/AgraYou sure have heard of this one, but plan to get on it too! And to live the life of a travelling royal, you have to spend more than a week travelling on this train. You get to visit forts, temples and palaces while being on these royal wheels. The Palace on Wheels is one of the finest luxury trains in India. Be warned, you are embarking on to unexpected indulgence with personal butlers, a fabulously stocked bar, superb food, salons, and, travelling through New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

Photo of New Delhi, Delhi, India by Karishma

The Golden Chariot: From Bengaluru to GoaSwaying past caves and ancient ruins sounds like it's part of a movie scence. That's till you take a ride on The Golden Chariot.Travelling on this train is a fascinating journey through the many worlds of Karnataka. It's a luxurious voyage of discovery through the cradle of Stone Architecture, You see the 4th- century caves in Badami, the 15th-century ruins of Hampi and the 20th- century Mysore Palace! Meticulously crafted suites, splendor of the kings, a fine living and the rich past passing along. The Golden Chariot pampers you as it chugs through this week-long journey that courses through South Indian history, making you a part of it all.

Photo of Bangalore, Karnataka, India by Karishma

The Konkan Railways: From Mumbai to KeralaMaybe low on the amount of luxury that has just been spoken about, but this one ride wins everything when it comes to the stunning scenery. The Konkan Railway connects Mumbai to key spots in Kerala. The Konkan Railway gets impressive when you considering how it was built- with tracks laid out on a hostile loose terrain, working against frequent landslides. But the resulting journey is an exceptional ride, especially during the rains, when the surroundings explode in all shades of green and the streams, waterfalls and the sea (of course) soothes and sparkles. It'll make a romantic out of anyone, just get on a ride soon.

Photo of Kerala, India by Karishma

Darjeeling Toy Train: From New Jalpaiguri to DarjeelingThis one is purely for its adorable, picturesque factor!As the toy train weaves around the hills of the Himalayas, it takes you into the heart of tea gardens and forests. Being aboard this train is a coveted experience, and why not when the UNESCO itself has given it a World Heritage Site status! You’ll feel like you are reliving a tale from your childhood when you ride the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway How else do you explain what a small steam engine pulling mini coaches up the steep mountains through breathtaking landscapes can feel like? The train snakes along the many loops that wind up to Darjeeling, including the Batasia Loop with the Kanchenjunga towering over you. It’s a stunning, enchanting journey, this one.

Photo of Darjeeling, West Bengal, India by Karishma

The Kashmir Railways: From Jammu to UdhampurNow picture yourself riding over a difficult, snowy terrain, tracks that took utmost effort to lay but when they were done, they formed the mesmerizing Kashmir Railway, one of India’s most challenging engineering projects!A journey through temperatures that fall below zero and covers the world around you in white is as beautiful in Kashmir as the same journey in summers where the sun, the lakes and the conifer tress everywhere make a postcard-perfect picture. A train ride anywhere by the Kashmir Railway is an breathtaking experience, and what adds to the fun is- you can pass through around 20 tunnels and 158 bridges across the rivers and valleys of the Shivalik Mountain Range making this even more exciting!

Photo of Jammu by Karishma

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