A dog's journey #travelwithpets

26th Sep 2019
Day 1

My dog has always gone for drives and long trips. He is quiet used to road trips. Since we can't leave him alone we took him to Rishikesh for a day trip. There were 3 more dogs with us (cousins dog)

My dog's name is Archie and he is a mixed breed of spitz and Pomeranian. This little cute fluff ball is the best travel companion one can have. He is calm and quiet through out the journey, loves watching out of the window and barks a bit at other stray dogs. So finally when we left for Rishikesh we stopped at a lot of places to eat and go to the washroom where we took Archie for a little walk too.

After reaching our cottage in Rishikesh which was right beside the river, Archie was quiet excited to see the running cold water. Though he is scared of water but still he used to watch the water flow and run towards the direction. What a cute and beautiful view it was. Obviously there was plenty of area for him to run.

He also became friends with the other stray hilly dogs and used to play with them.

Photo of A dog's journey #travelwithpets by Bhavini Srivastava