All You Need To Know About Heli-skiing In India


Heli-Skiing in India

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If you have already tried skiing on the Himalayan slopes of Manali and Gulmarg, it is time to set on another exciting adventure sports that is surely going to set your hearts roaring. Imagine yourself flying to a beautiful Himalayan slope by a helicopter while you savour the surroundings and then ski down a virgin slope with the fresh white snow making a trail after you. Heli-skiing offers you such thrills.

Heli-skiing or helicopter skiing is an activity of downhill skiing or snowboarding that takes place in untouched snow and remote mountain sides and in this endeavour, it takes the help of a helicopter to access remote areas of slopes. The skiers are flown by helicopters to the top of these remote slopes. Using a helicopter reduces the time taken for accessing these otherwise difficult slopes. The skiers and snowboarders are easily able to reach the stunning heights very quickly with the help of the helicopter.

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Heli-skiing is indeed a unique experience. Not only would you get the a bird’s eye view from the mountain top, but also the thrill of gliding through the pristine virgin slopes covered with powdered snow. No wonder this adventure sports has become one of the most sought after among skiers and snowboarders.

The term heli-skiing is a combination of the two words – helicopter and skiing. The sport was first introduced in Canada in mid 1960s. In India, heli-skiing was introduced since 1990 at Manali. There are a number of conditions that are to be kept in mind while heli-skiing. The type of snow and various factors like wind motion are to be kept in mind while practicing the sport. The most ideal type of snow for heli-skiing is the granular snow or the fluffy powder type snow.

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Heli-skiing in India

Canada is known for heli-skiing. The Himalayas with its majestic peaks and snowy terrains provide perfect locations for heli-skiing. There are a lot of places in Northern India that provides for a number of ski resorts. But heli-skiing is altogether a different experience. The helicopter flight above the lofty peaks is alone spectacular. And while you are not done with photographing the beautiful endless vistas in front of you, the thrill of riding down the fresh snow of the mountain is even better.

Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir as well as Manali in Himachal Pradesh provide excellent locations and some of the most natural conditions for heli-skiing. Furthermore, the Indian terrain is known for its fluffy powder snow that makes for smooth snow trails. The weather and moisture content in this area is also best suitable for heli-skiing.

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Best places for Heli-skiing in India:

Manali is another ultimate destination for the adventure enthusiasts. The magnificent snow covered peaks and the pine fringed trails along with the endless orchards and pleasing views of Manali has always attracted tourists and adventure seekers. The terrains of Deo Tibba, Chanderkhani Pass, Hanuman Tibba and Rohtang Pass are the best places for heli-skiing at Manali. With the slopes as high as 6000 m, you will definitely be thrilled and have the adventure of your lifetime while heli-skiing at Manali.

Auli is a beautiful place with virgin locales and breathtaking views. Auli is also getting noticed as a skiing destination. You will definitely gain the pleasure of heli-skiing at Auli as you fly upto 3000 m and then ski down the pleasant slopes of Auli.

Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Amrita
Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Amrita

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Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Amrita

Best time for Heli-skiing:

The Himalayas receive plenty of snowfall at the winter months during December and January. The winter months from December to February are thus the best time for skiing and heli-skiing in India. March is also suitable for this sports when the slopes are filled with corn snow that helps in heli-skiing. The days are also longer and warmer during March.

There are a few private operators that provide heli-skiing activities at Gulmarg and Manali. While choosing your operators, keep in mind the following:

1. Collect information about the helicopters and the equipments that are to be provided.

2. The Skiing guides must be certified professionals with skills not just in skiing, nut also in mountain travelling and safety procedures.

3. Check the Guide to guest ratio.

4. Check whether the operator has their safety arrangements and procedures in place.

Heli-skiing is emerging as a latest adventure sports in India. Though less explored, this sport has the huge potential to be one of the most adrenaline pumping activity.

Gulmarg, the quintessential winter sports destination of India is no doubt a prime place for heli-skiing. The Mount Apharwat is the best place for the heli-skiers with its perfect slopes and snow. Apart from that the marvellous beauty of Gulmarg with its silvery peak and the line of fir and pine trees makes this place a delectable destination for heli-skiing.