Am I Alive ?

15th Nov 2020
Photo of Am I Alive ? by Prabhu Aravind
Day 1

When life spoofs you with different bane there will be few quick fix. I chose one of the known ways of eliminating, actually rather than elimination I can say it’s like a counter measure since I couldn’t find the root cause.

Yeah the people who know me would have guessed .. its “TRAVEL”

Few Sail, Few Fly, Few Drive, Few Play, And I Ride. Throttling is a drug which enables the blood rush throughout the body, I feel a different personality when I do that. It gave me an identity. The purpose of this blog is to describe a recent ADVENTUROUS incident. Hope you would love travelling along with me on the paradise of mountains “RHISHIKESH” alias “YOGA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”.

I don’t want to bore you with the planning or other itinerary details since it is available everywhere on the google travel pages.

Jan 12th, the best day of my life I can say. I did something which everyone will not dare to do. You need all your strength to do such things I bet you you might be the most courageous. Its equivalent to drinking a bottle of poison without reasons, else jumping into ocean without knowing how to swim etc etc,,,… You can imagine a fact that will be a nightmare always. Don’t think I’m over doing or exaggerating something 🤪 lol😂

We were in a zostel, woke up early morning. Actually I didn’t get proper sleep thinking of the futuristic moments. We geared up and went to the spot by 8.30 A.M. I guess. Actually we were two, travelled all along to this place. The one who planned the whole trip to be frank he brain washed me for this trip within a hour while talking over phone. But it’s good that he included me in his plan. I thank Guru for this wonderful and ever heart throbbing moments.

Sorry guys, for letting you read the blabber without entering into the actual content. Okay the deathclock started to tick, we reached the place as per the plan. We joined the other suicide squad members🤪. There were instructions running in a LED tv in front of us, Anyways nothing will get into mind in such nail biting circumstances. And I’m the first person to get enrolled followed by Guru.

They verified the weight I hope we had no doubts that we will be eliminated since few months back the same activity was done by an idiot. They got signature from us like “THE PRISONER OF GALLOWS”. A girl in the crew asked why you guys are without winter jackets in this freezing climate. I said something I don’t remember anything else. Then they asked us to keep our belongings in a locker even they asked us to remove the ring. The activity was happening 500 meters from our place. We ran singing songs to make ourself comfortable and calm. We were the first to enter into the death chamber. Our fellow crew members joined us one by one. We conversed with few of them,

Manu – Health Specialist 
Nikita – Adventure Specialist
Tripti – Novel Specialist

They asked who is gonna start the activity, we raised our hands, and eveyone agreed ” CHENNAI EXPRESS” to start. We have travelled more than 2000miles only to do this, heart was pounding to its maximum still I can feel it. We have to walk another 50 meters to the exact destination. So many things were running in my mind,

Can I do This?
How I’m gonna do this?
Still I be alive after this?
Most importantly will the moments be captured correctly in the Cam. It’s all about collecting memories right?

Here we Go with the No:1 for the day to do this suicidal attempt. They make sure with those safety gears since it is highly life threatening situation if they don’t provide proper safety. The organizers committee member came close to me and told the following things to me.

See you are the very first person for the day, you have the guts to do it and you will do it. Keep faith on us for the safety stuffs. Just step and jump the responsibility is on your shoulders now, ‘coz if you fail to do the rest in the team will get demoralized or feel the fear, so the dias is yours rock it. All the best.

All those were running in my mind. I just ensured with the video capture and waved my hands to the camera who knows will I be alive to see those moments 😂. The last 8 steps to the edge of my life, my world etc etc.

I prayed to supreme power to give me courage to do this crazy stuff. I forgot to tell you about the activity rules.

They will only give 2 chances to complete this activity. If you fail to do you are not allowed to do this activity and the money will not be returned. See how cunning and cruel they are. Atleast on sake of this I have to do isn’t it?

The Name of the activity is “BUNGEE JUMPING”. You know what I’m going to jump from 85metres from ground level. India’s Highest point to do bungee jumping.

I was standing in the edge of the falling point. When my eyes explored my surroundings I felt the literal horror inside me. It was surrounded by mountains, as I was on top of the hill, my right side facing the sun. When my eyes rolled down to my knees gave me a literal horror, I was terrified completely, I couldn’t realize myself all that came to mind what if this is the last day of my life? let it be ‘coz if you aren’t trying these you aren’t capable of living.
Butterfly factory in stomach actually, I heard the command from my back side,
Are you ready?
I nodded my head. I couldn’t hear anything else from that point.
Count down started

At once without thinking of anything I just jumped into the air. Oh my god how could I explain this, the moment when I was in air I was shouting to my head. I was cursing all the bad words, I was screaming with fear. My total body was in air with the rope tied with my ankle. Like the super heroes who jumps from heights to save the world, i felt like a bird without feathers, It is unimaginable how fast I was going down with the force of gravity.
Due to counter weight on the other side I just got pulled back in air again, this time it is even terrifying I had again taken back to half the distance to the top, I was shouting and shouting even the echoes got echoes. What an experience this is going to be. No one can call me a coward from now on. After 15 to 30 secs of super hero stuffs, I just started reaching the ground. There were two organizers standing in the ground to land me safe. And that’s it, I asked with one of the person the following question

Am I still alive ?

This Heart throbbing moments just lasted for 1 or 2 min. But I’m damn sure that the memory will give goose bumps till my last breath. Once I got to normal state I patted myself for doing this. I was so happy and proud of myself for doing this. I felt I got the guiness award. Then all my crew did this guiness record. And we happily ended with a selfie that is very much mandatory. We had some good time with the new friends. Actually travel is all about meeting new people just exploring the experiences with them. And I hope I have got few good souls who never say no travel and adventure.

I end this blog with a quote

Life – A Word That Had No Constant Or Consistent Meaning, Actually Finding The Meaning Doesn’t Make Sense I Hope ✒ ✒ ✒ ✒
It’s Your Nomad Signing off , catch you with next blog

Photo of Rishikesh by Prabhu Aravind