7 Things that will help you while Riding your Motorcycle Solo.

3rd Mar 2019
Photo of 7 Things that will help you while Riding your Motorcycle Solo. by Akshay Kokare
Day 1

Riding is not a joke in India. Its is truly an adventure itself due to negligence of rules and haphazardly driving your motorcycle, but we can help ourselves by avoiding such things and learn to ride properly with below given points. Ride solo.

1. Choose a comfortable bike

Whatever kind of bike you choose, you must always be comfortable with it. In case you zero in on a bike that needs certain modifications to ensure it’s comfortable for you to handle, get it done immediately. Some common changes that riders make is getting a different handlebar, a more comfortable seat, guards, better headlights if they are going to do lots of evening riding, a new exhaust, etc. Remember, it’s not just about looking cool on the bike, but also riding it well.

2. Dress to ride

Long distance riding, always try & wear riding pants, ankle boots (safety shoes can be a substitute), riding jacket & of course a full face helmet. Or there is the option of knee & elbow guards or body armor. Motorcycling gear can easily be bought online or in moto stores. Try to get as close a size as possible, lose & baggy gear or clothing will only be a disturbance & cause discomfort.

3. Know Your route

Not all of us are genius with directions & remembering roads, but having a fair sense of which direction you are headed in & what route you are taking helps to avoid wasting time getting lost. Try & carry a screenshot of the map on your mobile or a printout of the same in case you want to. Don’t feel shy of asking locals on the way for directions & incase you see other riders on the way, you can also consult them, for all you know, you might just get to know of a more interesting route. Enjoy the ride and try & view other motorcyclists’ itineraries before you start.

4. Take breaks

It’s not a marathon unless you’re applying for the saddle sore or bum burner! Know when your bike & body need a break & stop & rest for a few minutes every few kms or every few hours depending on the terrain.

5. Be prepared for any kind of weather

A lesson I have learnt on long motorcycle trips is that you should be prepared for rain at any point of time. Carrying raincoats & pants that will fit over your riding gear & raincoats for luggage are a must. Try & test your gear on a rainy day at home

6. Stay motivated

The beauty about riding a motorcycle is that once you start enjoying it, there’s no stopping. Always stay motivated & excited, even if you fall, skid or have a flat. Getting panicky & scared isn’t really useful, from what I’ve realized on my rides. Everyone makes mistakes on a motorcycle & learns from these mistakes.

7. Carry essential tools & spares

Go to a mechanic & ask him what all essential spares would you need to take on your trip for the bike. Every bike has different requirements. A general list might include spare tube, spark plugs, break & accelerator cables, engine oil, etc.

Until then keep on smiling and keep riding.