Celebrate the vacations with the best festivals in South India


Celebrating the beauty of South India with the festive mode

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The south India is one of the beautiful destinations to explore the beauty of nature. Apart from the backwaters and beaches, the coconut and tea plantations, South India can be explored with the cultural sight during the festivals. The festive season of South India, mainly during the winters is an ideal time to broaden your imagination and observe the colours of festivals that form the identity of many south Indian cities.

The vast religious values and the diverse group of rituals can make your south India trip during festival, the ideal time for vacation. Catching the real phase of Indian tradition, you can add a lot of memories to your album with your festive South Indian tour.

Festivals of south India

1. Kerala during Onam

The harvest and secular festival of Kerala, Onam welcomes people from different caste, creed, and religion to celebrate the festival. Also known as the Festival of Rain Flowers, the festival lasts for ten days that fall in the Malayalam month of Chingam between August and September. The beautifully decorated house with paintings and rangoli are admirable and makes the entire environment so colorful and vibrant. The Pookkalam, Kaikkottikkali, Onasadhya, and Snake Boat Race are certain activities you can enjoy during this south India festival.

2. Mysore Dasra for Mysore

The magnificent Mysore Dasara festival gives you a perfect reason to visit Mysore for a festive vacation. The festival longs for 9 days that falls in September or October. The Mysore palace is decorated using over more than 100,000 of bulbs, illuminating the entire palace. The festival of south India is celebrated as the procession of Goddess Chamundeshwari. It is believed that the Hindu Goddess Chamundeshwari killed the demon Mahishasura.

3. New year Eve at Goa

Goa is a state that is associated with beaches, nightlife parties and all adventure and fun, New Year eve in Goa can be the best idea to add some spice to your vacation. Sweetened with sun, sea, sand, sea food and spirituality, Goa has a lot to offer for the festive mood. Exotic beach-side stay, live music and night long parties are things that attract youngsters to get rocking at the New Year celebration in Goa.

4. Celebrate harvest of Pongal in Tamil Nadu

The harvest festival of South India, Pongal has an important role in the life of people living in Tamil Nadu. Celebrated as the festival of Thanks giving to the Sun, the Earth and the Cow, Pongal is celebrated in January as the joyous festival to mark the harvesting of crops by farmers. The rest of the India celebrates Pongal as Makar Sankranti.

5. Explore Karnataka for the Hampi Utsav

The Hampi Utsav in Karnataka is also called the Vijaya Utsav that is celebrated for three days during November. The spectacular cultural shows, music, dance and art make this the best festival in South India. One can enjoy the amazing cultural shows that also include performances from renowned artists of India. The festival was introduced at the time of Vijayanagar Empire and still continues to entertain the visitors.

The different culture and tradition of South India have its own meaning that connects the people with nature and surrounding. So this time South India will offer you the vivid cultural beauty along with adventure and nature.