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This question intrigues even the most seasoned traveller, for a traveller is spoilt for choices in India, be it cultural, historic, adventure, wildlife, nature i.e basically everything under the sun. That is probably why India is called the Incredible India. But much of this also not documented anywhere and fellow travellers are the best source of inspiration. The great variety also poses the problem of choice and the need of expert advice, someone who's been there and done that and has only your best interest in mind..

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India has been known long for its mysticism, spirituality and more recently for software services. But what is little known and is growing popular is the Indian Adventure. India with its vast geography spread, unique and varied culture is almost a microcosm of the universe which offers a wide variety of adventure in Land, Water and air at various levels of competencies for the adrenaline junkies.

There is the mighty Himalayas with some breathtaking views and peaks, the western ghats which has been declared a UNESCO heritage site due to the huge variety of flora and fauna here, the white sandy beaches of the Andaman and Lakshwadeep with clear blue sea and an exciting variety of colorful corals, a dream scuba and snorkel destination, the coast of Goa and Kovalam known for a number of water sports activities, the exciting water rapids of rishikesh and hebri, the jungles of Corbett and Gir, paragliding at Kamshet and Solang Valley, hot air balloon rides in Pushkar and Loanavala and much much more.

The rich culture and heritage of India not stored in museums but walking in blood and flesh varying every few hundred Km's one travels here, loud and colorful festivals at different times of the year and nearly as many religions, languages and dialects, dance forms, music.

India being one of the oldest known nations has much history captured in its ancient buildings. The ancient forts of Marathas, the caves of the ancient budhhists adorned with paintings, sculptures, the temples with their architectural excellence depicting the life of their times as well the mythological stories are excellent examples of the history of the nation while Palaces of Jaipur and Mysore, showcase the opulence once enjoyed by the royalty, some of them have opened their doors to the luxury travelers to enjoy the same.

Food is an adventure too. From the sweet toothed Gujarati Cuisine to eye wateringly (yes not a typo:P) spicy food of the Andhra, to the crispy dosa's of Tamilnadu to steamed Siddu's and Momo's of Himachal, this cuisine list will run the size of many books.

Infact all of this is a tiny spec of the brilliance that is India, the incredible India. And I hope to present this brilliance a little bit at a time for both the Indian travelers and the visitors alike.

India Adventure can be experienced for all budgets, the frugal and uber luxurious. adventure categories vary widely not geographical, like Land, Water and Air, But also vared in experience, like culture and Heritage, Historical, Culinary, Religious and Spiritual and each of these vary widely in a travel of a few hundred Km's. India is unique and an experience and an adventure by itself.

With variety comes the unique problem of choice. It may take at least two lifetimes to experience the country in its entirety, but then it would probably take much more than that.

Unfortunately most of us don't get to spend two lifetimes travelling, Most lucky ones get a few weeks in a year. If you are a tourist who wish to spend this time to see India from the cocoon of a well guarded touristy hotel and a tourist guide who is most interested in providing you with limited or incorrect info, I really do not have much for you. But if you are a traveler who wish to experience the real India, try the authentic Indian experience in Food, People and culture and try as best to avoid being taken for a ride by local touts, the site is an attempt to make a guide written mostly from my personal experience traveling to the many cities, towns and villages of the remote corners of India to help make your vacation time worthwhile.

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