Farming trail on hills


On my last vacation to the Kashmir of Kerala, MUNNAR, it was actually an accident visiting the agricultural paradise on the munnar hills. There is a small village which is just kilometers from munnar top station called "vattavada". There is a forest check point from where you have to travel all the way between the forests.

The way was just treacherous but the first view gave me a instinct to get down feel the village and the instinct was perfect. The village had a perfect winter cultivation of plants like mustard, sunflower, beans, carrot and many more. The best among them was the red cold strawberries. It just swifted me there. So, I just went and experienced the beautiful village.

On having a good conversation with the strawberry farmer, he let me get to his fields and eat the berries. Nothing to say, they were amazing. At last, he let me taste his special strawberry wine which was an absolute tasty melodrama.

For me, it's not just merely visiting some hills, mountains, beaches or historical places, but getting into the places, meeting the locals, enjoying every bit of air and vibe of the place which every traveller forgets to do. I had an opportunity to stay at one of the villagers hut and the cool breeze that sweeps us away though the brick holes were thrilling.

Back with vattavada, my mind is full of the memories which haunt me again to the village. Someday sometime I should go again and be with them.

The route to the village

Photo of Farming trail on hills by Roshan

The strawberry farms

Photo of Farming trail on hills by Roshan