Give Your Palate a Yummy Experience, with These Dishes Found Only in the Indian Himalayas


For most of us, when it comes to planning a vacation, we immediately think of escaping to the mountains! Well, why not?

The Himalayas can never disappoint a wanderlust soul. From being a very well frequented destination for all the adventure seekers, to a treat for the eyes for all the photographers - each one of us has found our own reasons to love the mountains!

But this one's for all those who think with their stomachs first - we have a list of the best and most famous dishes to try while you're exploring the Indian Himalayas.

1. Rajma-Chawal of Kinnaur

Rajma Chawal

Photo of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh by Sakshi kulkarni

To all the rajma lovers, pack your bags and head to Kinnaur in Himachal. To pair with the cold weather, the locals in Kinnaur usually serve hot organically grown Rajma alongside rice (chawal) which you can relish whilst looking at the alpine forests and snow capped mountains.

2. Kahwa of Kashmir


Photo of Jammu and Kashmir by Sakshi kulkarni

While playing state atlas, we landed on K, so we decided to introduce a delicacy starting with the same letter - the unbeatable Kahwa of Kashmir. Kahwa is basically green tea coupled with mild spices and saffron and other dry fruits such as almonds. pistachios etc. The cold surroundings of Kashmir would surely turn prettier, with a cup of Kahwa in hand.

3. Thukpa of Ladakh


Photo of Ladakh by Sakshi kulkarni

Thukpa is an absolute must try dish when in Ladakh. This is a hot Tibetan noodle soup (no, don't confuse it a pahadi maggi) but this recipe is generations old, and has loads of vegetables and meat cooked in a flavorful broth that'll surely warm you up!

4. Chicken Anardana of Mashobra

Chicken Anardana

Photo of Mashobra, Shimla by Sakshi kulkarni

Just about a few kilometers from Shimla lies this gorgeous hamlet, known as Mashobra. And in case you're here - don't miss trying out their delicious local recipe - Chicken Anardana. Yes, you guessed right - it's chicken cooked with pomegranate and a medley of Himalayan spices. This dish dates back to the Persian and Moghul t.

5. Wazwan of Srinagar


Photo of Srinagar by Sakshi kulkarni

When in Srinagar, you simply can't miss trying this elaborate menu that'll totally leave your palate drooling for more! A wholesome meal with 36 dishes served in a copper thali, it is mainly non vegetarian, with a few vegetables on the side. So, all the chicken and mutton lovers out there - when are you booking your trip to Srinagar?

6. Siddu Of Himachal


Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by Sakshi kulkarni

Siddu of Himachal will always be one of the top to- do list items for most culinary artists. It brings a varied range of flavors all at once, from ginger and turmeric to some chilly. It is usually eaten in the winter months to keep the body warm and energetic. You can munch on it while you are on the go or also can eat it with a side serving of lentil or dal

7. Himachali Dham

Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by Sakshi kulkarni

Himachali dham is the best example of culture and history in your taste buds. Legend says that a king was so impressed by the wazwan of Kashmir, he wanted an exact replica of that made but without meat. That dish, today, is called the himachali dham. Initially, dham was made as a temple food but you can now find it all over the country, but why waste a history so precious?

it must be called the Himachali dham for a reason

8. Madra of Himachal

Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by Sakshi kulkarni

Another very popular dish of Himachal is the chana madra. Seriously, if the Himachal food list is so long, why don't we all go and settle there ?

Madra is a yogurt based gravy usually served along with rice and cucumber salad. The amazing aroma of chana madra along with freshly steamed rice and crunchy cucumbers is what makes the dish so famous. It is one of the dishes which is eaten so commonly because it contains powerful herbs such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin seeds and much more.

9 Tingmo of Ladakh


Photo of Ladakh by Sakshi kulkarni

Tingmo or Timok is a staple food of the Ladakhi people similar to white bread. This is a steamed Tibetean bread which can be accompanied with dal, meat or any cooked vegetable. It is a soft and fluffy plain bun without any filling and is best served hot.

10 Mutton Rogan Josh

Mutton Rogan Josh

Photo of Jammu and Kashmir by Sakshi kulkarni

It's one of the most mouth watering and traditional tender mutton dishes. Like many other dishes of Kashmir, it has a Mughal connection. Along with the meat, one can get the taste of fried onions, fresh yoghurt and the massive punch of red chilli powder giving the dish a spicy flavor. It can be accompanied with rice or naan and I assure you that the cry will be 'yeh dil maangay more'.

All the food lovers who travel for the sake of tasting different cuisines pertaining to different cultures, drop a comment in the section below and tell us your favorite dish from the Himalayan region.

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