Great Tips for Women Traveling Solo in India

20th Oct 2014
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A lot of female travellers go to India for many reasons. Because of the potential culture shock a traveller could experience as they reach the Indian ground, travel tips and advice must be sought. The fact is that women in this country do not travel alone and if you go there solo, you will be noticed and perhaps remarked upon. Adjusting to India’s cultural norms can be distressing. So read the following tips to stay sharp and active when taking a voyage en Inde.

Be Confident While Walking

Even if you don’t feel like doing this, you need to intentionally stride. In fact, this is a must even if you are lost until you will be able to find someone who is connected, educated or impressed with your body language to provide you assistance or directions.

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Never Travel Solo in the Evening

Do not hesitate to spend extra and take your trip to the next level. It is advisable to take first class trains when travelling at night. If you have no other options, purchase two tickets for two seats in a bus. At the train stations, make use of a porter. If you need to utilize public transportation, consider your cell phone as a good asset.

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Let Someone Know the Taxi or Rickshaw Number

You need to let the driver see that you have texted his taxi number to someone. Also, you have the option to call to someone to pretend that you are on your way to their place. It’s important not to leave the impression that you have no idea where you are going to avoid getting ripped off by the driver.

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Observe How Middle Class Indians Travel and Go with Them

Observe the Indian style and follow it. Always use porters, be assertive with employees and set firm boundaries. Choose to sit with children and women instead of alone in train stations and waiting rooms.

Mingle with Indian Women

If you wish to take your travel to the next level, you will surely meet educated women in India who will always want to talk with you. A lot of them will provide you insights into the times and life of some Indian people. Always remember that vulnerability should not be an attitude while in this country. You can relax a little bit and just accept that fact that village people will stare at you without causing you any harm. Try to learn a bit of Hindi and start a simple conversation with some women there.

Set Time to Stay in your Room

At some days, you just don’t want to go out and hear people inviting you to their shop or offering you some products you may not be interested in. Stay in your room and give yourself some treats. Have a pedicure, read your favorite book or eat chocolates and other food stuffs you like.

Toughen Up

It is necessary to learn some self-defense strategies and some swear words in Hindi although you have to carefully think before you use them. These words can be used to scare away opportunities and other bad guys who may want to invade your privacy.