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Beaches have this mesmerizing quality of bringing you to a blissful mode, inspite of the huge body of water you encounter. A quiet hour at a beach, with nothing but the waves crashing the shore and returning back to the mighty ocean, the white foamy froth that appears and disappears, the tiny crabs peeping out of small holes when the water recedes and the gentle sea breeze playing on your hair......and the best part, sunset at the beach, where the sky turns into a colour palette every few minutes, reflection of moon in the water and my favourite part....a long stroll on the beach in the dark, with the waves just tingling the feet....

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To experience all these, we need a non commercial beach, as I would put it. A recent trip to Trikaripur, near Kanhangad, Kasargod, Kerala provided me with such bliss. No one for miles, made it look like "'Wow....ïts my own beach''. Just sitting there calmed my mind. I ran, I screamed,I jumped,I rolled in the waves...like a teenager, while the teenagers who had accompanied me, looked at me strangely...one even voiced '"Whats happening with you...R u okay"'

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Our stay was at a Beach Resort, Avisa Beach House , http://www.avisabeachhouse.com/ and early mornings were even more lovely, with several boats bobbing up and down in the waves, the fishermen returning with their catch. The resort itself was unique, as it was on a narrow strip of land, with the Arabian sea on one side and the Kavvayi backwaters flowing at the rear of the property. Boating can be availed at the backwaters. One can try a hand at Kayaking too. Dotted with coconut trees on the shoreline, gives a picture perfect look.

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The next day, we drove to Bekal Fort, So magnificent and majestic, I fell in love with the place. No wonder I was humming Arvindswamy's 'Tu Hi Re....''. The place is really romantic. We strolled around the fort for hours, clicked pictures and selfies to heart's content. The view of the waves crashing with loud noise on the rocks were a feast to the eyes. Its a 40 kms drive from the resort and there are other places on the way like chandragiri fort, Madhur temple, Cave Ashram of Swami Nityananda....

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Trikaripur is at a distance of approximately 350kms from Bangalore, on NH275 via Virajpet, Iritty, Taliparamba. The drive itself was a pleasant one, with Brahmagiri forest range offering eye pleasing greenery, specially post monsoons.

Turn this vacation into a relaxing one .....

By letting the kids be, on their own, in the beach.

By enjoying the traditional Kerala cuisine at the resort.

By visiting as many or as less places as you want.

By arranging for a authentic ayurvedic massage.

By doing nothing, but staring at the ocean and sunset for hours.

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If you get a long weekend to spare, just turn on the ignition and drive towards this piece of heaven, and trust me, your body will be rejuvenated and your mind recharged.

''At a Beach, time does not move by Hour to Hour, but by tide to tide".

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Check on other interesting journeys at https://wordpress.com/posts/deepassionatewanderer.wordpress.com , who knows ! Might inspire you to take a trip soon !

" Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature's simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard."

Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

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