King of Forest - Why only Lions?

4th Dec 2015
Yes..these are rules of the Wild King - The Lion !The question which often comes to my mind is - Why only Lion? Why not Tiger? Why not leapords? Why not elephants or rhinos? And why not wild bulls?
Photo of King of Forest - Why only Lions? 1/7 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)
Why only lions are the king and not other wild cats? The Royal Crown of a Lion

The lion's apperance makes it the King of the forest. Hair around it's neck serves as a crown of Lion and is associated with it's social pride too. It is believed that - "darker the hair of lion, more attractive the lion is for lioness." A lion possess a royal look, great attitude and social pride among all other animals.

Photo of King of Forest - Why only Lions? 2/7 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)
The True Ruler

Lion is a ruler who rules within his specified territory. Lion decides it's own territory and protect it with its kingly fame. Lioness are the main hunters but Lion is the one who takes care of it's territory. The main competition is with Hyneas and both of them fight for their food. Sometimes, the fights are for the food and other times, it's because of crossing territories.

Photo of King of Forest - Why only Lions? 3/7 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)
Lion - The Fearless

Lions are extremly aggresive and often seen hunting Hyneas and other animals. While lioness are the hunters, lions are the fearless among the crowd of all animals. They are defensive for their territories and are fearless. They dominate tigers and leapords and eat their prey before lioness even though they are the one's who hunt. They promote and create their fear among all other animals by roaring in forest.

Photo of King of Forest - Why only Lions? 4/7 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)
Lion - The Strategist

The lions believe in spreading terrorism while lioness hunt. Lioness are the true strategist and hunt other animals with a pre decided strategy. They divide themselves among groups and one group chases the animals to a certain area while the other one kills them. Each and every lioness from their group play an important role while killing their prey. Their prey can be as large as Hyneas, elephants, bulls, rhinos etc and can be as small as lizards, mice, dogs etc.

Photo of King of Forest - Why only Lions? 5/7 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)
Lion - The Protector

The another principle for every king is to protect species of his territory from other kings and lion takes care of this for it's jungle. It fights with other lions to protect species of it's territory and all lioness are ready to give their lives to protect their king. This management principle makes lion - the protector.

Photo of King of Forest - Why only Lions? 6/7 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)
Religious importance of a Lion

Lions have served as an important symbol among Europeon, Asian and African culture. Their image of "King of Beasts" or "King of Jungle" is much appreciated and signifies power in various religions. Lion is considered sacred in Hinduism too and many mythological stories in India depicts lions.

Photo of King of Forest - Why only Lions? 7/7 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)

"The King of forest for animals" and "Leo in Zodiac", "Narsimha incarnation of Vishnu in hindu mythology" or "The divine mount of goddess Durga" - The lions have importance all around.

This was the reason why King Ashoka - depicted lion in national emblem, and why Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is one of the world's 7 heritage sites.

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