Maharashtra Wildlife Sanctuaries Shut For Tourists During The Monsoon Season

Photo of Maharashtra Wildlife Sanctuaries Shut For Tourists During The Monsoon Season by Kadambari Bhatte (curlytravelmess)

If you are a nature lover, especially national parks, these two national parks will be closed during the rainy season. The safari at Chandoli National Park located in Sangli will be closed from June 15 and Radhanagari Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary nestled in Sahyadri has been closed for tourists from June 12.

Many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India are deciding to close to tourists and visitors with the onset of monsoon season. This is a common measure observed every year.

Range forest officer for Chandoli National Park Nandkumar Nalawade said, “Due to the onset of monsoon, the decision has been taken to close Chandoli dam from Tuesday, while the safari at Chandoli National park from June 15. The rain has started in the Chandoli region and around 5,000 millimetres of rainfall is received here on an average every year. The possibility of natural calamity cannot be ruled out during this period. Therefore, every year when the monsoon starts, tourism activity is stopped, which will now resume from October 15.”

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Photo of Maharashtra Wildlife Sanctuaries Shut For Tourists During The Monsoon Season by Kadambari Bhatte (curlytravelmess)

In addition Chandoli dam also getting shut down. The usual time each year is at the beginning of June to shut down but since monsoon arrived late in Maharashtra this year, the closing dates were postponed.

The Chandoli dam will reopen on 15th October, 2023 if everything is in order.

Assistant engineer for Warana project Milind Kitwadkar said, “The water storage capacity of Chandoli Dam is 34.40 TMC and currently the water storage is at 11.87 TMC. As there is enough water available in the Chandoli dam, there won’t be any shortage of water even if the arrival of rain is delayed by another two months. Chandoli dam will be closed for tourists from Tuesday onwards and tourists should take a note of this.”

Radhanagari- Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary has also been closed for tourists from June 12 with an opening date for tourists on November 1. The sanctuary, is famous for Gaur sightings.

Samrat Kerkar, founder of Bison Nature Club, a wildlife safari tour operator at Radhanagari-Dajipur wildlife sanctuary, said, “Monsoon is the breeding season for animals. Also, as the water enters the holes, snakes to tend to come out on roads, posing a threat to humans. Therefore, usually wildlife sanctuaries are kept closed so as to not disturb the wildlife activities. Another reason is that the off-road tracks in the forest areas get muddy, which results in jungle safari vehicles getting getting stuck.

Also, the paths in the sanctuary become waterlogged and slushy during the monsoon. Hence, the sanctuaries are opened for tourists once the monsoon season ends."

During the monsoons the forest gets time to rejuvenate itself and a break from the tourists.

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