Manali in a modest budget

2nd Mar 2018
Photo of Manali in a modest budget by Soumya Sen

One of the best things which happens when you start earning is that you are independent suddenly in so many ways. Suddenly you do not need permissions from going anywhere from anyone, parents also become rather accustomed to the fact that now you have grown up and would take care of yourself and you can do all the things you wanted to do at your own pace. It has been nearly two years now that I had joined my first job and this whole tenure has seen a lot many number of trips to various places. Most of the most frequent queries I receive are generally about how I manage to visit so many places with the little salary we get. Well the answer to that would be that, yes, it is a real challenge and that the cities we live in have substantial living costs to afford a certain form of comfortable lifestyle. However proper planning from advance and some really good company can make a huge difference and you can easily plan any trip as per your convenience. This article is all about my recent quick trip to Manali and Delhi during the time of Holi which coincided with a weekend and I made the most of it.

My plans for very trip had started in my mind some three months ago. One of very good friends from school, Subham aka Subho who is an architect by profession , happens to stay and work in Delhi. I had been to many parts of North India but somehow the visit to Manali could not happen every time due to some or the other issue. There were a lot of offers coming up in most travel websites around this time in December. The traveller in me is always aware of the times of the years which would have the extended weekends and when I always tend to put my hectic trips in such slots. The intial idea was to only visit my friend in Delhi and explore the city. Also with a decent amount of extra variable pay coming as part of the salary in December made me all determined to book the tickets and much to my surprise they came at a decent price of Rs. 4500 for a round trip. Now that was a good deal! Just a month before this visit, my friend called up to say that it was really hot in Delhi now and that we could actually go out of the city for the weekend for a quick short trip and return. I first thought of Udaipur or Jaipur but then given the little amount of time I had in my mind it looked like a very impossible task. Suddenly the idea of visiting Manali clicked in my mind and we both agreed on this. Soon Subho booked the bus tickets while I booked the accommodation. Everything was now sorted.

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