Powerful Travel Photos That Will Change The Way You Look At India!


As 2022 comes to a close, we look back at the year that has been all about powerful pictures. The lens of a photographer is very fascinating, it completely changes the way we see a subject. Here's a round up of a few photos that changed the way India is perceived. Have a look!

Shot by Saurabh Gandhi, this gorgeous shot gives us an insight into the festival of colours, Holi as it is celebrated in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh. While the Indian society constantly reinforces heteronormative gender roles, during Holi, we see people transgressing social norms as men dress as women and take to the streets and dance. The shot beautifully captures this tiny form of protest in the streets.

Captured during the super blood moon lunar eclipse earlier this year, this shot by Nitish Walia was one of the most circulated ones on social media. Taken at Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan, this photograph captures the moon in all its phases. The limitless starry sky looks breathtaking against the terrain of the salt lake. Who says India doesn't have unreal landscapes?

This photograph by Zaid Salman serves as a stark reminder of the day when our economy underwent demonetisation which also brought new currency. Here, we see Sanchi Stupa against the new ₹200 note that was introduced this year. Seeing different monuments on our notes definitely makes us realise how much the country has changed over the last one year.

This heart-wrenching picture of the completely trashed Juhu Beach captured by Ganesh Vanare reveals the ugly reality of India's waste management system. While most Instagram photos depict perfect looking landscapes, this photo brings forth the irresponsible way we're leading our lives. In the "real" India, this is sadly a common sight.

While the media feeds us a narrative about how Kashmir is unsafe and always stricken with terrorism and bloodshed, Aamir Wani, a photographer who calls Kashmir home depicts the other side which remains concealed from us. Through his photographs, Aamir seeks to provide a counter-narrative by showing Kashmir's beauty, its hospitality and welcoming citizens. This precious frame of two girls from a village near Sonamarg hugging each other in bliss exemplifies all that he seeks to promote about Kashmir.

Marking the most legendary verdict of 2018 that decriminalised homosexuality, this photograph of two women kissing in the middle of a busy Mumbai street shot by Tushar Panchal celebrates love like never before.

This iconic shot by Riddhi Parekh goes on to break numerous stereotypes all at once. Taken in a train full of men, this photograph was taken with the support of an all-women's team. The model stands right in the middle, with the utmost sense of authority and confidence even as she is surrounded by men; she reclaims the public space that is dominated by men. Here's a shot that smashes patriarchy and its norms.

Been to Kinnaur and think you know all about it? Photographer Saravana K gives us a peek into its culture through this picture that depicts a woman adorned in the most elaborate costume of a bride. This was shot during a lesser known Fulaich festival that is held in Nesang, Himachal Pradesh.

If you're planning to go all the way to Switzerland to witness valleys covered in snow, let this gorgeous shot by Roshan Singh convince you otherwise. This is Kalpa located in Himachal Pradesh shimmering in snow against the mighty Kinner-Kailash range. The town received snowfall as soon as early as this November and is the perfect snowy paradise you need to head to this winter.

Chadar trek goes over the frozen Zanskar River and has been termed as India's wildest trek. However, it is under massive threat of global warming. This shot by Abyi shows how much the ice patch has receded in some parts of the river, whereas earlier, the entire river would be a thick sheet of ice. Could we be nearing the end of Chadar trek?

This picture of a woman offering prayers amidst Yamuna that is frothing with industrial waste really puts the reality of India's rivers into perspective. Shot by Ravi Choudhary, this powerful picture sends out a strong message into the world.

This delightful picture captures India's diversity. Clicked by Elisa Fedel, this travel photo shows how tradition and modernity co-exist within our culture.

These gorgeous photos show how the essence of India is changing and how diverse its perception is. If you're someone who is enthusiastic about photography, you can create a photo-blog on Tripoto and share your stories with the world.

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