Road trip - Maharastra

21st Jul 2018
Photo of Road trip - Maharastra by kvshah

Love this state(Maharastra). Waterfalls , mountains, Ancient places, Religion temples and beaches. This state have almost all the attractions which are enough to attract tourists.

This time we plan family trip - as have to meet family members who are staying in Mumbai and than we went ahead.

Day 1

Monsoon is the season when you love to visit in Maharashtra. Only risk is have to be careful driving car. Otherwise it's awesome experience.

Route:Ahmedabad - Varnama - Baleshwar - tithal - Bhilad - Talsari- Manore (N)

Varnama jain temple is very nice and it's on the highway route so you can stop by and have some refreshment. Staying facilities are available here.

Varnama jain tirth: Nice temple

Photo of Varnama Jain Tirth, National Highway 48, Varanama, Gujarat, India by kvshah

Baleshwar jain temple is also situated on highway -Surat - Mumbai highway. Staying facilities are available in dharamshala(AC rooms are also available). Foods are also available here.

Baleshwar jain tirth

Photo of Shri Labdhi Vikram Raj Yashsurjiswari Jain Tirth, Baleshwar, Gujarat, India by kvshah

Tithal Beach : Amazing waves.. though not for taking bath... viewpoint is awesome.

Photo of Tithal, Gujarat, India by kvshah

Bhilad jain temple is also situated on the mumbai highway. A huge temple with staying facilities are here. Also small temple of goddess padmavati and lord parasnath(idol found from bucket of lemons) are here. Very nice and peaceful jain temple. Also in village one jain temple also situated.

Bhilad : Jain temple

Photo of Bhilad Jain Temple, Bhilad, Gujarat, India by kvshah

Very nice temple : Lord mallinath.

Photo of Talasari Mallinath Vihar Dham, Thakarpada, Maharashtra, India by kvshah

Dharmadham jain temple, Manor is situated on mumbai highway. Very nice newly built temple with all facilities.

Photo of Dharmadham Uvvasaggaharam Parshvnath Chilhar, Khadkawane, Maharashtra, India by kvshah
Day 2

Murbad - Shahpur Manas mandir(N)

Palm village is good place where you can just have relax with family. We gathered here and spend whole days with family members. Love the quietness as situated far away from city.

Day 3

Shahpur Manas mandir -Vaitarna dam- Ashoka waterfall- Igatpuri- Shirdi - (N)

Vaitarana dam - which supply water to mumbai city. Restricted area. You need permission to view dam.

Ashoka waterfall- Local people say dhabdhaba- A movie name ashoka was shoot here. In monsoon it's really awesome place with green surrounding.

Shahpur manas mandir - jain temple perfect place for peaceful life and staying with god. Staying facilities and foods are available here.

Also shirdi is very much popular place as Sai baba temple is here. This temple is always crowded. We stayed here in one budget hotel.

Shirdi - Nasik -Dharamchakra(N)

Day 4
Photo of Pragat Prabhavi Parshvnath Jain Ghar Derasar, Walkeshwar Road, Grant Road West, Teen Batti, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by kvshah

Gajpantha- Vani- Saputara- Surat(N)

Idol of lord parasnath : Chambaleni caves (Gajpantha)

Photo of Gajpantha Digambar JainTirthkshetra Mandir, Mhasrul Gaon, Nashik, Maharashtra, India by kvshah
Day 5

chambaleni caves : Gajpantha jain tirth- You need to take 200-250 steps to reach over the hill.

Photo of Gajpanth Jain Siddhakshetra, Nashik, Maharashtra, India by kvshah
Day 6

Surat - Bharuch- Gandhar- Jambusar -Kavi- Ahmedabad

Carving in the jain temple : Kavi.

Ancient jain temple : Kavi.

Photo of Kavi Jain Temple, Kavi, Gujarat, India by kvshah
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