Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion

Photo of Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion by Aditya Samadhiya

After wondering at Manali I ask myself how creative is God while making these mountains and valleys so beautiful. And suddenly the idea of visiting Kashmir hit to my mind. Co-incidentally, my friends planned a trip to Kashmir while hearing this I was burst in and did not waste minute to think over. My friends and me spend nights in planning and researching for the trip. We arrange break from work and withinweeks, we were standing at Delhi Railway station waiting for the train. The train arrive at 5:30. We boarded the train and the journey started. We reach the Jammu station nearly in 10 hrs. and head for Kashmir. In morning we checked in to the hotel had breakfast and erupt for exploring the beauty of this heaven for human.

Photo of Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion 1/6 by Aditya Samadhiya


When I took step out of my Hotel the view of vicinity was unexpected, the markets, mosques, houses were symbolizing peace and unrest exist in the city. While gazing over this magnificent town we reached over Mughal Garden and Pari Mahal. The flora fauna and Mughal architecture of the garden was eye catching. The fabulous arrangement of Roseplants and views of vicinity was enchanting. Here we explore markets and savor the tender meat dishes. We spend the night at boathouse singing songs and cracking jokes.

Photo of Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion 2/6 by Aditya Samadhiya


Second day in morning we head for Sona Marg “Meadow of gold”. As the name represents the valley, it is exceptionally beautiful. Here we had fun of fishing in the fast flowing Indus River, ride the pony and play with snow and ice. The place was extremely fabulous and alluring.We return to Srinagar and spent the night at houseboat.

Photo of Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion 3/6 by Aditya Samadhiya


Next day we head for GulMarg, the willow trees , river water streams and green meadows was dreamlike. I was fascinated and dazzled by the charm of the place. The place recognize as “meadow of flowers” presents spectacular views of towering snowcapped peaks covered with dense forest of tall conifers and pine trees. We had fun of golf in one of the largest Golf course of world. We spend a night here and consumed lip smashing spicy meat dish.

Photo of Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion 4/6 by Aditya Samadhiya


The place is like a painting on canvas beautifully shaded blue and greens. The place was quite and gurgling sound of Lidder river echoing in the valley adds charm to the panorama. We had a short walk up the hills and down, through markets and treated ourself lunch of cooked river fish. The beauty of place cannot be captured by camera. As much we tried to capture in our camera we got disappointed.

Photo of Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion 5/6 by Aditya Samadhiya

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

On the last day of the trip we spend peachful time in a shikara ride at srinagar’s famous Dal Lake. Here we find not to underestimate the Dal –behind the lines of houseboats the Ghaats visible and spotted Char Chinar, the every corner was breathtaking and glorious. The glistening water of the river were igniting more and more of the place in me. Nevertheless, the trip was on its end so here we say a good bye to this beautiful state and promised our self to visit again. With tones of photographs and memories I our camera and mobile phone we return to our city.

Photo of Secrets of Kashmir- An Excursion 6/6 by Aditya Samadhiya

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