Six Ideas To Have A Smashing Christmas-New Year Week

26th Dec 2015
Photo of Six Ideas To Have A Smashing Christmas-New Year Week by Fatema Diwan

A tricky choice lies ahead of you. The holiday week of the year is here and while Christmas and the New Years’ eve demand a special kind of attention (and celebration) it is often the week in between that is puzzling. In any case, there’s no need to lay low and wait for the final countdown. Here are some ideas to make the last week of the year, the best week of your year:

1) Festa De Diu

Photo of Six Ideas To Have A Smashing Christmas-New Year Week 1/5 by Fatema Diwan

Picture Credit: Festa De Diu

The otherwise quiet town of Diu lights up with festivities, concerts, art and shopping for Asia's longest beach festival that goes on for the whole of December and spills over into the first month of the New Year. The festival is a mixed bag of events which ensures it leaves no kind of fun out. In fact it promises the complete experience with a fine balance of dancing the night away to spending the days shopping or being pampered in a spa. Their New Year Bonanza Week, this year, includes a Flea market, an EDM concert, a Bollywood night, a retro party and an evening of Techno music. It is also full on adventure with hot air balloon rides and bungee jumping. After a schedule that is bound to leave you exhausted, the festival ends with some relaxing spa and yoga sessions (in the first week of Jan) that will re-energize you for the New year.

You can book your tickets and your stay on their website.

2) Sunburn Goa 

Photo of Six Ideas To Have A Smashing Christmas-New Year Week 2/5 by Fatema Diwan

Picture Credit: Pdmsunburn

You probably don’t need anyone to tell you why you should be at Sunburn (Read: Kygo, Guetta, Sidney Samson, Liquid Soul and that’s not even 5% of it!). Happening exactly between 27th to 30th December at Vagator, this is one of the grandest music festivals in the country. With an unbeatable line-up set against the enchanting setting of North Goa, Sunburn is the most exhilarating way to spend the week and welcome the New Year. Since you would be spending almost all of your time on the beach here, booking a hotel could be a bad idea. Camp here instead and enjoy the energy around you throughout.

You can book your tents and your tickets to the event on their website.

3) Tamara Carnival, Coorg

Photo of Six Ideas To Have A Smashing Christmas-New Year Week 3/5 by Fatema Diwan

Picture Credit: Tamara Carnival

If metal and EDM aren’t your jam, head for some folk fun here. The Tamara Carnival brings together the joys of Indian and Western Classical music and dance performances that ensure serenity and enjoyment. From Yakshagana to Salsa and Carnatic music to guitar solos, add some English theatre and comedy shows in the mix and you have a perfect week of culture and entertainment. Plus, there are the coveted hills and coffee plantations to keep you otherwise occupied.

You can book your tickets on their website.

4) Rann Utsav, Gujarat

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Picture Credit: Flickr

The picture of a full moon, imposing over the white sands of Kutch, hidden a little by the silhouette of a camel or a man in a colourful turban, is the center of many travel experience and tourism campaigns. The Rann of Kutch has seduced quite a few travellers with its simple beauty. The Rann Utsav is a celebration of local culture and the charming landscape. The three month festival begins with building a tent city nearby to ending with local fairs and performances. Spend the week in the unimagined experience of Kutch.

(P.S- 25th December is the full moon night and you wouldn’t want to miss that!)

You can check out packages and book your tents on their website.

5) Magnetic Fields Boat Party, Goa

If you happen to be in Goa this Christmas and don’t know what to do the next day, head to the after party of the Magnetic Fields Festival that concluded on 20th December. The exclusive boat party, happening on the 26th of December, drifts you away from the beaches of Goa towards the horizon with some awesome music on board! Way to keep the Christmas spirit alive! (and gear up for Sunburn, maybe?)

You can book your tickets on

6) Cochin Carnival, Kochi

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Picture Credit: Arian Zwegers

The coastal landscape of this fishing town drowns in the vibrant colours of the Cochin Carnival that happens on the last 10 days of December. From dancing to bike racing, swimming, beach football and volleyball, you can see almost the entire city pouring out on the streets to celebrate. No matter where you step in Fort Kochi, the festival spirit of the city will infect you and keep you entertained till the New Year.