Is Solo traveling in India Dangerous?

4th Jan 2019
Photo of Is Solo traveling in India Dangerous? by Megha Roy
Day 1

Travel made me have some weird encounters. Foreigners who love India and feel safe here, and Indians who feel otherwise.

Traveling solo in India is dangerous, they say.

Because India will mirror back to you your own attitude, feelings, prejudices, barriers and limitations but India will also evoke your higher self, too. It can be very painful to see how impatient, judgemental, naive and unkind you can be! And very uplifting to discover your compassion, open - mindedness and spiritual awareness.

Traveling to any part in India is like the cave that Yoda sends Luke into, in Star wars. Luke asks, "What will I find there?" and Yoda answers, "Only what you bring in with you".
So if you are afraid, you will have scary experiences. And if you are open and trusting (within reason), you will find kind, helpful people.
I have traveled solo to most of the parts in India, trekked with strangers and shared hostel rooms with people from varied origins. And today, the best of friends I have are the ones I made during my travel.

So, shed the preconceived notions and refrain from making comparisons with the western countries. India, where the culture changes after every 10 will leave you enchanted as well as perplexed. Traveling solo in India is challenging, and the degree of self - confidence I have built up because of it is incalculable.

So, don't dismiss India as a land of contradictions, travel here without any hesitation.
As we say, Atithi Devo Bhava, to each one of us is an open invitation. 🌸

Photo of India by Megha Roy
Photo of India by Megha Roy