Travel with friends


Memories of Travel with your friends

“Sometimes the smallest of things… trigger memories so strange and so beautiful… that they leave us speechless. Memories are a funny thing… The small pieces of our past. They are always safe in our memories. Memories are like chocolate boxes. One open you can’t stop at just one.”

When you are traveling, you meet lots of people, can become close and treasured friends. However, it matters who you take those journeys with. The person you travel with having to be someone you can bear to be around 24/7 for weeks on end, in every possible circumstance that could come up during your journey. I can’t think of a better choice than to travel with friends. Let’s recollect those journeys:

1) Darjeeling and Sikkim

Photo of Travel with friends 1/5 by Gautam Modi

The first journey with my school friends. Everybody was excited. It was the last day of our exam. I got fever. I told them that am not coming. My parents also said- don’t go. But I was unstoppable and went. After coming back from the trip I got to know more about my friends. And seriously, I would have regretted it throughout the life if I have said no to this trip. Thanks Akshay, Shagun, Nitesh and Nikhil for making this trip memorable.

2) Trip to South India

Photo of Travel with friends 2/5 by Gautam Modi

Exactly after one and a half year we planned a trip for 15 days. It was a totally unplanned trip. I broke my middle finger and right leg in the middle of the trip. Yes, it was a real experience I had of living on a road. Got to know more about my friends. It was a long trip covering 3 states, the entire coastline of South India. We have seen everything: heat, cold, rainfall, beaches, mountains, jungle, different languages, different people, train and bus station, etc.… Guys, if you still remember incident happened at Kovalam Beach, Periyar and Tirupati- It was hilarious. Thanks Akshay, Shagun, Jalan and Bandar.

3) Trip to North India

Photo of Travel with friends 3/5 by Gautam Modi

It was also a great experience, but it was thrilling. Jammu, Manali, Jim Corbett and Delhi. It was an adventure trip. We did Paragliding, Zorbing, Skiing, snow, jungle safari and Elephant Ride. It was the coldest weather in North. Everywhere heavy snowfall, trains getting cancelled, people were dying but we still went. It was all because of me, I want to experience snow. Trek to Bijli Mahadev in Kullu was a mind blowing experience. It was all because of Nitesh. Jim Corbett was the highlight of the Trip. Thanks Nitesh, Mitesh, Nikhil and Umang.

4) Bangkok

Photo of Travel with friends 4/5 by Gautam Modi

It was our first International trip-I, Harsh and Anup. After that we become friends. I have never thought how will it go and how the experience will be. But it was a life time experience. It changed my life completely. Yes, Bangkok entered into my senses. I started my website after returning from Bangkok. First time I interacted with so many people and out of that some became lifelong friends. At that time, the fight was going on between the local peoples and government. Many people died in the blast. Still, we went.

5) Kuala Lumpur

Photo of Travel with friends 5/5 by Gautam Modi

This time only I and Harsh went. It was my plan because I wanted to see Petronas. Yes, it was on my bucket list. It was all together a different experience. I learnt many things, traveling with Harsh. It’s an amazing experience when you are traveling your dream place with your best friends. We went for 10 days and it was awesome. Three days before our scheduled departure Malaysian Airlines got disappeared.Everybody was tensed, but it always happens with me. Whenever I will plan to go somewhere, something or the other has to happen.

6) Rajasthan

It was a dream trip for both of us: Me and Anup. First backpacking trip and that too in India. It was a great experience of doing backpacking around South Rajasthan. It’s a major hub of tourist. We have experienced a lot. I also got to know that we should always travel light. Met so many people on the road and also travel with some of them. It was altogether a mind blowing experience. It’s a must do before you get married.

7) Europe

Finally our dream destination, yet to depart. It is also a part of Bucket List: Backpacking around Western Europe for 2 months. People say it as a Travelers Mecca/Paradise. I quit my job to experience Europe. Yes, it’s so important for me. I have planned everything for the first twenty days. And for next 25 days no plan…. we will be on the road. Yeah that is what we both want to experience. Now also, plane crashed 2 days ago but still we are going.

Thanks a lot friends for making each and every trip of mine memorable. Without you guys it wasn’t possible.