Backpacking In Bangkok

20th Dec 2013
Photo of Backpacking In Bangkok 1/7 by Gautam Modi
Backpacking in Thailand
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Chatuchak Weekend market
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Damneon Saduk Floating Market
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Platinum Plaza
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Klong Toey Fresh Market
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Pantip Plaza
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It was my dream to spend the year end in Bangkok City and finally we made it. Me and my travel buddy Anup went again to Bangkok(for the 2nd time). We want to see the city more closely. We cover almost everything but some or the other thing will left. We met many local people, fellow travelers, buddies etc. It was a life time experience in Bangkok. People are so generous towards tourists. They are always ready to help.  Bangkok, so far is the best city i have ever visited. Having a population of over 6 million is one of the biggest cities in the world. Its heavy traffic congestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife do not immediately give visitors a warm welcome. So the first impression can be misleading. Some people also call Bangkok as the  “Sin City”. But on the other side it has some of the magnificent temples and palaces, a vibrant night life and a great shopping that has something for every traveler. Also great transport arrangement – BTS/MRT/Taxis/Tuktuk/Bikers/Ferry. Every people is passionate about what they are doing. They respect tourist, unlike other countries where people are only interested in making money from them.

Bangkok  . True, whenever anybody hear this name their mouth gets open wide- What!!.

When people tell me they hate Bangkok, I can understand.  When I first went to Bangkok in 2013, I was totally pissed of by the city and couldn’t wait to get out. Outside of shopping and lot of temples, there is nothing much to do. It is not the best city for tourist in the world, it’s crowded, dirty and the nightlife smells. It wasn’t until I lived in the city that I really fell in love with it. Most people just land in the city for one or two days before hopping to Island. Their main motive in Bangkok is “Shopping”.  Bangkok is a city that takes time to enter into the senses of the people visiting it. While you may not need a week here, but still its worth more than a day or two.

When I came here for the 2nd time, previously worst part becomes the reason to love the city-I loved the crowd, nightlife was really outstanding and the people here are really wonderful(hard working and helpful).  It gets so hard into my senses  that when I was returning home, I was weeping and then & there I promised myself that I will be back.

I love this place because this place never sleeps, If you are alone also you will not get bored. Sit in the sky bar and you will make friends easily. Soi 11 is really awesome. Spend the evenings here & you will love it. This indeed is the most happening place in Bangkok and my favourite street in the city. It’s a fantastic place to drink & meet new people. Also, you will find here many Indian Restaurants and Sky Bars.
Photo of 11 Sukhumvit Road Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi
This place is popularly known as Backpacker Paradise or Mecca for Travelers. This is also an amazing place to meet peoples. Accommodation is quite cheap. Here you can many option in vegetarian food. You will also get fried animals here. Whoever visiting Bangkok this should be in the list. This place is like a totally different Bangkok city what you will get to see in Sukhumvit. It has different names: Backpackers Paradise , Travelers Mecca etc. In the former times this street was the major Bangkok Rice Market. Now from the last 20 yrs it has developed into a world famous place for travelers. Here everything is cheap. From Hotels to food to shopping. One of the most important thing : This is the only place in Bangkok City where you will get a large varieties in Vegetarian Food. Its a great place to meet fellow travelers and make new friends. It is located 1 km to the north of Grand Palace. Best time to visit is in the evening. Also at last you will get to know why it is called Backpackers Paradise.
Photo of Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi
This is a place not to be missed, If you missed this then I will say your visit to Bangkok was incomplete. Local food , local products , the biggest market ever. Chatuchak weekend market (Jatujak Market) is the largest Market in Thailand and one of the largest weekend market in the world. It spread across 27 acres altogether 15,000 booths selling goods from every part of Thailand. It’s must visit place on weekend. Previously only local people use to shop from here, but now it has become the must visit tourist and shopping destination in Bangkok. You can shop everything from here whatever you want. It is divided into 3 parts: Weekend Market, JJ Plaza and JJ Mall Dept. store. I suggest that you go with the flow, otherwise you are just going to struggle. They will lead you somewhere anyway. Wear comfortable shoes as you have to walk a lot and drink , drink and drink because you will be sweating like anything. For more: Click Here Facts: Recommended length of visit: 4-5 hrs. Opening hours: Wed and Thurs (Plants and Flowers): 6am to 6pm Fri (Wholesale Market): 6am to 6pm Sat and Sun (Miscellaneous): 6am to 6pm How to get here: The best way to reach here is by BTS to Mo Chit Station. After getting down just follow the crowd and will come to know that you have reached. What to find here: Everything whatever you want.
Photo of Chatuchak Weekend Market Chatuchak Thailand by Gautam Modi
This is the place what I was waiting for. From my childhood I read a lot about it. I just wanted to go and live the moment. Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno(Tiger temple), Forest Monastery located at Saiyok District of Kanchanaburi Province- 37 km of the highway no 323. The objectives of the monastery: Conservation of animals(specially tigers) and to propagate Buddhism. I didn’t book any tour package but still I did it. Here’s how i did it: 1) Took BTS sky train from Nana Station to Victory Monument- 8 mins. Sky train starts at 6.30 am. Then at Victory Monument ask anybody Mini Bus Station to go to Kanchanaburi. These Mini Buses are nothing but its actually a 14-seater van. 1st bus to Kanchanaburi is at 7 am . Every 30 mins you will get bus, it means next bus is at 7.30 am and so on. Fare: 130THB one way(while returning it was 120THB) Travel time: 2.30 hrs. 2) Then from Kanchanaburi Bus Station take the bus from PF-6(usually) No.8203 for Sai Yok and tell the driver that you want to get down at Tiger temple. The trip takes 30 mins. Fare: 30THB. 3) From the bus drop off point on the main road; one need to walk for approximately 2 kms. Look before you leap Please note that Tiger Temple does not arrange any tours or transportation to or from the temple. OR From Kanchanaburi bus station book a taxi which will take you to the temple and bring you back to the station. Fare: Purely based on negotiation. 4) Returning Same way to follow as above. OR What we did was, we booked a Taxi for 300THB(3 persons) which took us to River Kawi bridge from temple and then to Bus station.
Photo of Tiger Temple Lum Sum Kanchanaburi Thailand by Gautam Modi
Photo of Tiger Temple Lum Sum Kanchanaburi Thailand by Gautam Modi
This was the 2nd time i was in Bangkok. Last time i didn’t went to this floating market as because i was new to this place. This time i already had a plan to visit, of my own. So i did it. It is almost 110 kms from Bangkok in Ratchaburi province. Here’s how i did it: 1) Took BTS sky train from Nana Station to Victory Monument- 8 mins. Sky train starts at 6.30 am. Then at Victory Monument ask anybody Mini Bus Station to go to Damneon Saduk Floating Market. These Mini Buses are nothing but its actually a 14-seater van. 1st bus to Floating Market is at 7 am . Every 30 mins you will get bus, it means next bus is at 7.30 am and so on. Fare: 100THB one way( 200 THB to and fro) Travel time: 2 hrs. Recommendation: Take 7/7.30 am bus, so that you will reach at 9-9.30am, its better to reach early. Look before you leap: At the ticket counter please confirm the ticket to Damneon Saduk Floating Market before you pay. 2) Most Important Tell the driver to drop you off at the market and not to any boat station where they will charge you 1000thb ( which would eventually come down to 400thb if you keep on saying no) Don’t go in these boats. 3) Returning At the time of returning you will not get Van from the floating Market. 2 options: Riding a motorcycle which would bring you to the mini bus terminal or you could walk for 30 mins. Outside the market you will find Police Kiosk- just ask him the way , he will guide you. So i would recommended you all to go of your own , seriously it will be fun.
Photo of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Thailand by Gautam Modi
It is Thailand’s largest Stylist Wholesale and Retail fashion Mall. It consist of 2139 shops each selling different varieties of products. Mostly dedicated to ladies but there are also few shops for guys. The best part: the owners are itself the designer that is why the design, texture and color combination differ from each other. Isn’t it amazing? Also no need to do bargain because the price is more or less same in every shop. It’s a must visit place. Also the food court on top floor is the best part of it. You will get Vegetarian food here. Here shops operate on a principle: buying 1 piece at a retail price and if u will buy 3 at once it will be wholesale price. For More: Click Here Facts: Recommended length of visit: 5-6 hrs. Opening hours: 10am to 8pm (Go in the first hours so that one can get more time to shop) How to get here: Take BTS to Chit Lom Station and exit towards Central World Mall. Walk straight from the central world mall and after you cross Central World walk for another 5 mins on the same path and you will be here soon. What to find here: Clothes, Clothes and more Clothes.
Photo of The Platinum Fashion Mall Ratchathewi Thailand by Gautam Modi
This mall sells only Electronics. It’s a one stop shop for Electronics. Branded as well local products are available. There are many designated shops selling cameras. If you want to buy anything then this is the best place, but don’t buy Mobile Phones from here. But remember not to be fooled by the first impression and Bargain hard in order to buy something. But not that hard as in Patpong. For More: Click Here Facts: Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hrs. Opening hours: 10am to 8pm (Go in the first hours so that one can get more time to shop) How to get here: After crossing the Platinum Fashion Mall walk for 5 mins and you will be here. What to find here: All Electronic Gadgets.
Photo of Pantip Plaza Ratchathewi Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi
Its an amazing garden restaurant in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. It is fully decorated with condom. The restaurant is the part of NGO that supports AIDS awareness. Food is awesome.
Photo of Cabbages & Condoms Khlong Toei Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi
It was an amazing hotel in Budget. Locality is the best part of it. No kitchen so no breakfast. Other thing is perfectly fine. Price is really worth it. Staff's are really helpful.
Photo of Bangkok Inn Hotel Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi
It’s the biggest fresh market in Bangkok, a local market not popular among tourist but it’s a must visit place for market enthusiast who loves to see and explore the local places. To get the feeling that you are in Bangkok (other than tourist places) Klong toey district is a must visit place. 2 reasons to visit: firstly it has the biggest and the largest fresh market and secondly it is the biggest slum and port area in Bangkok. Here you will simply find everything you need- vegetables, fruits, kitchenwares, meat, chocolates etc. For more:Click Here Facts: Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hrs. Opening hours: Daily from 6 am till midnight (better to reach in early hours) How to get here: Take MRT to Klong Toei station (blue line on map) exit up the escalators and walk towards east from the main road for 10 mins. As you reach the crossing, just go straight and market will be in front of you. Bus no: 45, 46, 72 or 102 to this area (intersection of Rama 4 and Narong Road) What to find here: Vegetables, Meat, Fruits, Spices and many more.
Photo of Fresh Market Khlong Toei Khlong Toei Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi
It is the largest flower market in Thailand. It starts from late midnight till next day late evening. Merchants travel from all over the Thailand to do the business here. Unfortunately was unable to visit on time, as it was closed on that day. But I will say one thing it’s a must visit market for all types of traveler. It will be a lifetime experience. Next time I will be here on time, 2 am because that when the business starts at Pak Klong Talat. Facts: Recommended length of visit: 4-5 hrs. Opening hours: 2am to 6pm How to get here: The Market is on Chakphet Road. It’s near to Phahurat. One can also go with the Express boat – the station is Saphan Phut. What to find here: Flowers, flowers and Flowers.
When I got to know that in Bangkok there is a retail cum wholesale market for fruits I was very much excited and I wanted to visit it at any cost. Truly unbelievable! Tons and tons of different fruits. I just made a plan and went blindly without enquiring whether it will be opened or closed. Since it was a public holiday in Bangkok and due to that it was closed. I came empty handed. Don’t plan on public holidays it will be closed. Next time I will definitely stop at Saphan Khao and live up to my dreams. Facts: Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hrs. (As told by the local people) Opening hours: 6am to 6pm How to get here: Take BTS to National Stadium and from there either you can take a taxi or motorcycle to Saphan Khao, just a couple of minutes. What to find here: Fruits, Fruits and Tons of Fruits
Photo of Saphan Khao Fruit Market Dusit Thailand by Gautam Modi
Generally all malls closed by 8 pm, so early, hmm, what to do? But if you are in Bangkok still shopping is possible- How?? Bangkok is also famous for its ‘Night Market’. Among them one which is the most prominent and famous among tourist is “Patpong Night Market” located in the Silom, district Of Bangkok. The place is always busy and chaotic with all the commotion from the nearby GO GO Bars and lot of foreign Tourists. This market in Bangkok’s notorious nightlife district is a first and the easiest stop for many tourists. The quality and the prices of most of the items sold in the market are as real as it looks. But remember not to be fooled by the first impression and Bargain hard in order to buy something. Both Market and Go Go Bars seems to complement each other well. For More: Click Here Facts: Recommended length of visit: 2-3 hrs. Opening hours: 6pm to 2am (In order to get good deal, reach as the market opens at 6pm) How to get here: Take BTS to Sala Daeng and exit down from one of the right hand stairs. Walk from the main road and as you see that the vendors on the pavement are increasing, you are in the right direction and after 2-3mins you will know you are here. Or ask anybody. What to find here: Shoes, watches, tees, lasers, lamps, handbags etc…
Photo of Patpong Night Market Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi
WAT TRAIMIT ,home to the one of the world’s largest solid gold , Buddha statue.It is 3.98 m high 3.13 m wide and weighing 5 tonnes made fully of Gold. Not connected via BTS. It is at the Junction of Traimit, Yaowarat and Charoen Krung Roads. Just across from the main entrance is the Odeon Circle and Chinatown Bangkok. Its a must visit Temple.
WAT PHO , worlds most famous Reclining Buddha Statue.It is one of the Bangkok temples dating back to the 17th Century. King Rama 1 expanded the Temple when Bangkok was established as a Capital of Thailand. It is almost 50 m in length covered in Gold Leaf. The Buddha’s feet are 3 meters long.I will say a must visit place. To keep our shoes they will provide us a bag which we have to keep in our hand only. They will also be providing free Mineral Water. In the temple premises many food joints are available , so need to worry about that.Next door to the Grand Palace you’ll find the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho). Its open everyday, from 8am to 5pm, with a break from 12-1pm. Entrance is 50THB.
It is probably the most visited and remembered landmark of Thailand. Its a must visit place. Construction started in 1782 during the reign of King Rama 1. Entrance is 500THB. Open daily from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. The easiest and the most comfortable way to get here is to take BTS to Saphan Takshin Station. From there take a Chao Phraya River Express Boat to Chang Pier. And then it’s a short walk from to the Grand Palace Main Entrance. Recommended length of visit: 3-4 hrs.
Photo of Grand Palace Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang Bangkok Thailand by Gautam Modi