Triund :Trek that is Easiest , most Accessible and Possibly with one of the Best Views

Photo of Triund :Trek that is Easiest , most Accessible and Possibly with one of the Best Views by Puru Arora

Himachal Pradesh is a states filled with tons of people flooding in due to it's beauty and adventurous activities. Trekking is one of the most common activity that nearly everyone likes to do, But When we hear the work 'TREK' words like 'TOUGH' , 'DANGEROUS' and 'TIRING' start coming into our minds.

Yes! Treks can be sometimes Dangerous if not done during the right time of the year and/or without proper equipment and for the 'TOUGH' part there are a lot if treks that are so easy that a amateur won't face any issues will trekking. Tiredness is a thing that is true. Treks are tiring but tiredness depends upon your stamina too.

The Trek that i am talking about here is Triund Trek. According to my knowledge it is one of the most accessible treks in northern india. This trek is about 6-7 kms long and can be completed in 3-4 hours according to your walking pace. The last 1 km of this trek is the toughest part of this trek where the inclination of the slope is bit more as compared to the rest of the trek.

To Start this trek you need to reach McLeodganj one of the most famous hill stations in himachal. From there you can walk or take a taxi to reach the starting point of the trek that is Gallu devi Mandir. On the way to there you will pass through Dharamkot i.e is famous for the large number of foreigners residing over there. Moreover Dharamkot has one of the finest cafe's in that area so be sure to take a stop at Dharamkot during your journey.

Once you reach the Gallu devi mandir from there you can easily spot the route to the top. once passing the security point the route is quite is simple. Along the way there will be around 8-10 small shops of cafes from where you can get eatables and other stuff for your requirement.

Be sure to carry your own Water bottles and a small quantity of eatables because as you go higher the pricing of eatables will increase and even at the top you'll see water bottles being sold for 100 rs.

During this trek there will be many beautiful places for you to stop and get some eye soothing shots and to admire the beauty of Himachal.

Once on the top of Triund you can see the whole Dhauladhar mountain range on one side the and the whole city of Dharmshala along with the World's Highest Altitude Cricket Stadium.

If You have time do make sure to do camping on the top and if you are lucky enough that the weather is clear you will be able to see the milky way in a way that might never have imagined and in the morning the sunrise and the sun rays falling on that iconic peak of Dhauladhar range make the view so stunning that it can never be forgotten.

For this trek you will need to book dates for camping and a guide if you aren't experienced in trekking at all.

Basic requirements are -

1. Water Bottle: A savior in many ways

2. Munching Items: Biscuits, Dry Fruits, Chocolates or Energy Bars

3. Trekking Shoes or Hiking Boots

4. Hand Sanitizer – Kills the unwanted germs

5. Basic toilet necessities (toilet paper is necessary as water is limited)

Photo of Triund :Trek that is Easiest , most Accessible and Possibly with one of the Best Views 1/1 by Puru Arora
Panoramic view of triund