Visit Mountain nation Nepal with just Rs.15,000.00 only.

Photo of Visit Mountain nation Nepal with just Rs.15,000.00 only. by Anupam Debnath

Nepal is a country which is blessed by plenty of great Mountains like Mount everest, Gaourishankar, Kanchanjanga and many more. And if you are a mountain person than there is no place like Nepal. You can do base camp and climb mountains which cost you much higher or you can take a mountain flight to experience the majestic view of Mount Everest like I did.

well, there is also many more things to do in Nepal like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Zip line, water rafting etc. in short Nepal is a perfect place for those who loves adventures. In this article I will tell you how you can make it to Nepal with just Rs.15,000.00 only.

As we all know there is three things we must take care of when we go on a trip. Accommodation, Transportation and Foods.

First start with the transportation cost.

1. Transport cost:

There is basically two way to go to Nepal. Air route or Land route. You can take a direct flight to kathmandu that cost much higher so let's skip this. The most popular Land route to enter Nepal is through Raxaul (Bihar) or New Jalpaiguri (west Bengal).

I visited through New Jalpaiguri and it was so easy to enter in Nepal. You can take a train to New Jalpaiguri station and from any part of India it will not cost much higher than Rs.3,000.00 (3rd tier AC) Now from New Jalpaiguri Station to Kakarbittha (Nepal Border) you can hire a taxi which will cost you around Rs.300.00.and boom you entered in Nepal. I was so shocked that there was no documentation process. No one asking for our IDS and all that. After reaching to Nepal you can take a AC bus to Kathmandu which will cost you Rs.1,000.00

So, now finally you are in Kathmandu with just Rs.(3,000+300+1,000)= Rs.4,300+ Rs.300(food)= Rs.4,600.00 only

2. Accommodation:

Hotels are really cheap in Nepal whether it is Kathmandu or Pokhara you will get decent hotels in Rs.700.00 to 800.00 per night. With twin sharing it will cost per person only Rs.350.00 to Rs.400.00. So for 3 night it will cost you around Rs.1,200.00 per person.

3. Foods:

Food cost is obviously varies. It depends on your food choices. But with Rs.300.00 you can have good meal. Let's say Rs.900.00 cost for a whole day. i.e. Rs.2,700.00 for 3 days.


Others cost includes local transport, sightseeing etc. This cost may also varies.If you take bus rather than taxis than it takes much less cost.

So here is the accounts. Transport cost (to & fro)Rs.9,200.00 + Rs.1,200.00 (Hotels)+Rs.2,700.00 (Food)+Rs.1,900.00 (others) = Rs.15,000.00 only.

The information which I have given based on my september trip. The cost may varies depending on the seasonal times, off times etc. and if you do activities like paragliding, base camp etc. than of course the cost will be increased.

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