Why Traveling is so Important


1. Traveling Give opportunity to learn about places and history

I remember that I visited Agra fort and Taj mahal before I studied about Mughal empire, I went to Ajanta and Ellora when I was learning about them in History books. I have seen and learned the history and its importance beyond text books. I have seen the rivers, the mountains, the soil type, the elephants and tigers, the rich and diverse flora and fauna beyond television and books and I remember the vivid details. I am still learning, History and geography are still my favorite subjects. So go out see the real world.

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2.Slows down the life: Gives a Chance to break the routine from our fast-paced lives

We work hard, follow the routine and at some point life becomes monotonous. It becomes boring and we feel like to run away from it. Even a small vacation gives us the chance to break the monotony, It slows us down, give a break to think and look around the things from different perspective. This lifts up the mood and makes us happy.

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3.Open us to greater diversity and increase our awareness

I work in a IT company, everyday I meet software engineers my husband is a software engineer too. This reduces my circle to a certain set of like-minded people. My learning reduces to a certain field. Travel give me opportunity to expand my awareness that not everyone is saving and planning to buy a 2 BHK in a posh society there are lots of people who struggle to earn daily bread, people who migrate from different countries in search of jobs, people who lives Nomadic lives including sadhus in india, people who were outcasted from society for their physical disabilities. Traveling opened me up to a greater diversity.

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4.Reduces stress and kindle enthusiasm for life

According to science and several studies even a small vacation boost happiness. A vacation reduces stress and kindle enthusiasm for life. This happiness lasts for days and beautiful memories created during those vacations last for lifetime.

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5.Awakens your inner child by offering you new, “first-time” experiences

What was the last time when you did something for the "First time", if you can't recall anything then you are in a serious need of trying something new. It will boost your confidence and give you a sense for accomplishment. It is trilling to try something you have never done before.

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6.Boost your Confidence

Planning and going to a place which is completely new to you and exploring the place on your own, tackling all obstacles will Boost your Confidence.

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