Visit Indore – The City of temples

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Those who love to visit historical places, the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh must be on the top of the list. It is a unique combination of historical monuments with modern life in the state. Indore is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh, and it is also the largest city of the region. You can find the best architectural marvels of the Maratha Era in this region. It also has the world famous Kanch Mandir that is entirely made of glass and mirror. The city is also well known for being the origin place of the Indore Gharana which is an integral aspect of Hindustani classical music.

Sarfaraz Bazar of Indore

The night food market of this region is famous all over the country for its mouth-watering food items, and you can find thousands of varieties of Indian food delicacies in this place. The unique feature of this Bazaar is that it opens after 10 p.m. and goes on till the early morning hours of 3 a.m. It is considered a heaven for food lovers, and you will enjoy the best snacks at this place.

Gomatgiri Jain temple

The temple has a statue of Lord Gomateshwara that stands at the height of 21 feet. The beautiful Jain temple is completely built with white marble, and you will be amazed with the architecture of this place. It belongs to the Digamber Jain community and situated on top of a hill. However, you can easily access the temple through the road. It is also known as the biggest Jain temple for the Digamber community, and thousands of people come to this destination every year.

Kanch Mandir

The amazing architecture you find in this temple is usually not found in any other place as it is completely made of glass and mirror. It is also one of the oldest Jain temples, and even the idols and murals are also made with glass materials. You will be surprised to see that the flooring and ceiling are also made with mirrors, and the amazing artwork is reflected all over the complex.

Annapurna temple of Indore

This is yet another popular tourist destination of the city, and you will find numerous temples dedicated to Kaal Bhairav, Hanuman and Lord Shiva in the premises along with the main deity goddess Annapurna. There is also a temple that goes by the name Ved Mandir in the nearby vicinity. You can also find Krishna Leela carved on the walls of the temple complex. You can spend a peaceful evening along with your friends and family members at this place.

Khajrana Ganesh Mandir

This is the most popular temple of Indore, and you will find a huge crowd at this place. The temple is very spacious, and you will also notice that the entire surrounding area is very clean when compared to other tourist destinations. The temple is maintained in good condition, and you will get easy access to parking and other facilities even during the rush hours.

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