"Bari" गए और "Monopoli " नहीं देखा तो क्या ही इटली देखा !

18th Dec 2022
Photo of "Bari" गए और "Monopoli " नहीं देखा तो क्या ही इटली देखा ! by Amrendra Anupam

You might be surprised to here this special city name" Monopoli" . It might remind a popular game.This video of mine will give your perfect scenic view and idea but at the same time i would like to add on few important point:

Our journey to Italy begin from Budapest & we landed in Bari then we stayed there for a day and went to Naples for a day trip and in the night we took Bus back to Bari and reached early morning. Our Bus dropped us at Central Railway station of Bari (Bari Centrale) & we took no time to board the next available train to "Monopoli"- which only takes 30 minutes to take us to our Destination " Monopoli". As we reached very early to this city & it was cold as well - we decided to stay in the restaurant at the railway station until the sunrises and weather gets little warmer. We were so tired that we requested the Restaurnats staff to allow us to take a nap and later on using the washroom to get fresh. He was so kind and helpful-We Thanked him later and then rest please click the link and enjoy the rest of the journey.

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