Lake Como - Day trip guide

Photo of Lake Como - Day trip guide by TravelRiddle

Lake Como is a paradise for someone who like to be around nature . A day trip to Lake como is sufficient to indulge in beautiful view and charm that this place has to offer.

Photo of Bellagio, Provincia di Como by TravelRiddle

To reach Lake como from Milan take a train from Milano Centrale to Como S. Giovanni station (40 minutes). From there, you can take the bus or the boat(suggested) , to reach boat pickup area you can walk from station or take a bus as well .

On the way from Bellagio to Menaggio via boat you will get to see the scenic view.

for boat routes checkout (

Make sure you check the boat timings.

All three places are well connected just check the timings and which boat (different companies run the boats in same route) is leaving from what station.

Verenna has many restaurant by the lake and around sunset that's the place to be

Photo of Lake Como - Day trip guide by TravelRiddle

Trains from Lake como to Milan are at good frequency so you can return at night to milan .