City of Sunset...Jaisalmer

Photo of City of Sunset...Jaisalmer 1/3 by Dipika Thakkar
Photo of City of Sunset...Jaisalmer 2/3 by Dipika Thakkar

It was a pink and chilled January morning when we reached Jaisalmer City at around 4.30 am.

The smell in the weather was an ultimate and pleasant one and I just loved it.

We were staying at the Hotel Maharaja Palace, which in itself was no less than a royalty. We were all tired & feeling sleepy because of the long road trip from Gujarat to Rajasthan.

So we all took an early morning power nap for a while and then we started our day @ 9 am with a delicious morning breakfast .

We started by visiting the Jaisalmer fort first, there were many people sitting at the corridor of the Fort and there were many guides in the crowd who were forcing us to hire them. We chose a little boy, chhotu, who seemd very naughty but clever. He hardly seemed to be of 10-12 years age.

He explained us about each and every part of fort, and also with tole about some made up stories like Where the Queen used to stay, where was the kitchen , where was the main Rajsabha held etc...including some more funny Stories & rumors. The Fort was very large and it took us atleast 3 hours to complete our tour around it.

Photo of City of Sunset...Jaisalmer 3/3 by Dipika Thakkar

At about 4 Pm we arrived at the Desert of Jaisalmer and to add to our amazement we witnessed a damn Beautiful Sunset . Everything was beautiful all around us , we did dune bashing, I can say that we took bath of Dust and it was lots of fun, then the favorite we went for a camel safari during the chilling evening hours. We also hired a tent at the desert and then we enjoyed Folk dance & bon-fire with flavored hukka. It was the fun like never before.

2nd day we left Jaisalmer with lots memories and we start our way towards Pokarangharh,

It’s Beautiful Fort of Rathores and we visited the Market to buy local Stuff and We purchased Colourful stuffs like belies, Turban, Dupattas etc... All the items were damn Pretty.

It was my 1st Rajasthan Visit and I enjoyed like anything, and still more to go. Whopieee.!!!!